Tag two looking for new members

Hey all,

I’m the new GM of Tag two guild and we’re looking for several new members.
All levels are welcome and we’re a very friendly guild that plays casual.

We encourage our members to participate in all guild events but it’s not mandatory. The only thing we ask are 3 simple requirements.

50k gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies each week.
Rest of your money can be used to level kingdoms or you may donate more lol.

I’m in close contact with Calvin from TAG 1 so if you’re up for it you can move up to our main guild.

If you have any questions my PSN is scoobzor134
Hope to see you soon!!!



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If you are new to the game this is a great place to start building your troop roster and play low stress with some great people! Message me or Scoobzor anytime we are happy to chat about joining TAG TWO!


Just wanted to update there are a few spots still open at TAG TWO! All levels welcome give ScoobZor134 (PSN ID) a shout here or on PSN and ask for an invite today! Don’t miss your chance to join a great easy req casual guild on the PS4

One spot open to join this amazing crew.

Friendly and casual gaming.

Hit me on PSN ScoobZor134

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Hi Scoobz sorry I didn’t get back to you or Calv1n. Had every intention coming back to TAG2 and hopefully TAG but everyday life got in the way. I’m enjoying my easy going guild at the moment and sticking. Working from home sadly doesn’t give me as much free time as anticipated.

Hope all remains well with both Guilds :slight_smile:


We’re easy peasy aswell buddy but I undestand it.

If you would like to come back later just give me a call.

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Hey People.

After a member swap with TAG 1 we’re still looking to fill our rosters with 2 players. Level doesn’t matter but we would appreciate if you participate in all the guild events.

PSN ScoobZor134