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Rank 31 - TAG The Adult Gamer - Recruiting is now closed. Please message to be put on the Wait list or to join our Sister Guild TAG TWO

TAG has room for 1 “end / late game” players to join our merry group of Gem of War Guild!

We are ranked 31st currently and climbing our way to top 30.

40k to 60k seals every week.

15 to 30 Legendary Tasks averaged every week over the last 6 weeks

Guild statues are of course maxed out.

Average member level is 1,147 currently with 27 of the 29 members currently between 1,050 and 1,412

We have the easiest requirements of any top 50 guild but I’ll go into details on them with people who contact me to join the guild.

We do 4 “cash” draws every month (one every week based on an easy to understand and achieve entry system) and 1 “special” cash draw every month to keep things fun and interesting in the guild and to help our members support the game.

We use Discord and a community page for communication which is very active in our guild around almost all aspects of the game!

Please PM here or on PSN at Calv1n to learn more and to join us at TAG



We are still looking for 2 active players to join us on our march to becoming a top 30 guild!

Join us this week, we are giving away $40 in our weekly draw and we’ll be doing another special event cash draw in addition to our regular cash draw next week (there has never been a better time to join!)

I have had a few questions on the “cash draws” just to be clear members do not have to donate to the guild I supply all of the donations :moneybag: it “costs” nothing to join us at TAG. I donate the money to help folks buy gems in-game content to support the game (ideally that is where we spend it).

PM me here or on PSN at “Calv1n”


Hallo, Mein Mann sucht schon lange die gute Gilde, aber leider findet man nix anständiges im ps4 Bereich hier ein paAr Daten:

Name :Magic
Status :Aktiv
Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen

And we are full again. Thanks all I’ll post again if we have any openings in Future!

TAG has room for 1 end game daily player - contact me for details and to discuss if you’d be a good fit for our team! Looking for one player for immediate placement


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TAG is still looking for 1 active experienced player!

Please message me for details, there is still lots of time this week to earn some entries into our $45 draw this week don’t miss your opportunity to be part of one of the best guilds on the PS4!



Thanks for the interest all our last spot has now been filled. For those still interested in joining us that want to be put on our wait list for new openings or perhaps interested in our “casual” (No requirements) Sister Guild TAG TWO please contact me or post below.

Sadly one of our great players has had his PS4 blow up and does not have a time line for getting it replaced so we now have room for 1 awesome, active player to join us at TAG!

If you are interested or have any questions please message below or PM me!


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TAG still has an opportunity for 1 great Gems of War player!

Our ideal candidate is in the late stages of the game with all kingdoms at level 10, 5 stars and up, is level 800 or higher playing 10 or more hours a week.

TAG The Adult gamer is a rank # 31, Top Tier Guild on PS4. We usually do 10 to 25 LT’s a week, always hit 40k seals, maxed guild tasks day 1 the usual stuff you would expect from a top guild.

What you get at TAG you would not likely expect though is we are super casual and our requirements are so low most people can’t believe them when I tell them (they do depend on your level however so I outline them when a potential member contacts me to join that said most members exceed our weekly requirements by a factor of 7 or 8 on average!).

We do 4 to 5 Cash draws a month for our members (free to all members, no donations required I donate the funds myself via paypal for the prize draws - Our July “event draw” for example will be running from July 16 thru to July 22nd and I’ve included our announcement graphic as an example of how we run these types of events for our members).


We have no requirements for GW or Events but ask that our members play GW and use their free sigils (we do not kick you out for not doing so however).

Our average level in the guild is over 1,100 and most of our players play every day or at least 4-5 times a week. We use our discord channel to chat throughout the day, discuss teams and much more and we have members from all over the globe in TAG so we usually have someone online both in discord and in game 24/7. (One example of how active our guild is, since Pets have been released in 3.4 TAG has had over 460 pet rescues!)

If you are interested or have any questions please message below or PM me!

Cheers Calvin


Recruiting is now closed

If you would like to be put on our wait list please PM me or alternatively if you would like to join our Sister Guild please contact Mattias at PSN ID “Figuren76” as I believe he has room for 1 member in our beloved TAG TWO guild as well.

Thanks all!