TAG is looking for 1 active player

TAG The Adult Gamer has space for 1 new active player.

Want to join a newer guild that has great perks and momentum. We are entering our 17th week in GoW and have been active in all aspects of the game including Guild Wars where we are enjoying the lower tiers and the variety of these brackets. We’ve had a few members join from top 10 guilds and they’ve remarked how much more “fun” GW is at our level not to mention much less stressful. If you are looking for a change give us a try or contact me for more details.

What we offer:

29 active players and a very social guild with in game chat, Dedicated Community page and Discord Channel.

Guild Wars weekly at lower brackets for more variety and easier battles for those weary of the top tiers it can be a welcome change.

In Guild wars we generally jump up 30 to 40 ranks per week (based on last 4 weeks numbers). We are currently in the 73rd Bracket (Ranks 721 to 730). Most of our team plays but it is not mandatory every week we understand people have lives outside of Gems of War and if you can’t make it no worries. Last week we still did 655k points with those that did play.

Guild level is 117 statues are between 48 and 60. We are ranked 156 and climbing daily with a current rank for Master 1 (200% gold bonus) with around 65k trophies and gaining fast.

Currently we are averaging about 13 million in Gold Donations every week, 30k seals, 7K+ Trophies

We are split between end game players and mid game players with our lowest levels under 100 and highest over 1,100. (our average based on the 29 current players is around level 450).

Every week we do a cash draw for $10 cdn for our members and once a month we have a “challenge” week that changes every month but rewards an additional cash prize between $20 and higher depending on the challenge.

What we are looking for:

A highly active player that has kingdoms finished and can contribute significantly to the guild as far as gold, trophies and Guild Wars. That said if RL comes up such as sickness / vacations etc you will not be replaced unless you have an extended absence with out cause (2 weeks or more).

I hope to hear from the right candidate soon please pm me or reply in thread


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TAG is still looking for 1 great active player to join our casual PS4 Guild (we also have guilds on Xbox 1, PC/ Mobile I can get you in contact with those guild leaders if you’d like just contact me).

Updates from our original post above is we are now hitting and completing Legendary Tasks.

Our First “Challenge” week for the Month of October starts tomorrow don’t miss your chance to join a great group on the rise as well as one of the few guilds that rewards it’s members with cash prizes (Always over $50 a month given away, every month).

Contact me here or on PSN at Calv1n for further details.


TAG is still looking for an active player come join us for a special $50 Halloween event draw this week!

PM for more details or to request joining us (either here on the forums or on PSN at Calv1n)