Active player looking for guild today

Good afternoon. I’m looking for an active guild. Game daily. I would like to contribute with some active members in the game.

Hi, what is your current player level?

I’m at level 55 as I’m playing GoW around for only 5 days. However, I play daily fulfilling all tasks whenever possible. I’ve already had a good level of experience with past games. So I think I’m evolving fast. Even more with the help of colleagues here at the Forum. I study quite the posts here.

I’ll ask, but I think that’s gonna be too low a level for us, sorry

It’s all right. I will continue to play regularly. Thank you.

Hey do you still need a guild?

Hey Sabeto, I’m part of the guild Winter Dragon. We are active and have 6 spots to fill. No weekly requirements. All levels. Your welcome to join if you like.