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New guild wanted

Hello everyone!
I am currently looking for a new guild. The one I left became very inactive. Level 159, seals not a problem, active in GW, and contribute what gold and trophies I can. Even though in my last guild I was only 1 of 2 that were dedicated players, I stuck around so I’m pretty loyal to boot :wink:
My first time posting in forums so I hope it’s in the right place :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want Heather send me a message on PSN. My PSN is NekrosLucem. Currently we are rank 28. And we do not mind having someone grow inside our ranks. We seek dedicated and active people, and yes ones who like to do GW. Our base requirements if you need to see are 900 seals, 150 trophies, 150,000 gold, along with 15 GW battles per week.

Nekroslucem [Vendetta GL]

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There’s a fantastic opportunity for you there Heather. I’d be on that like a rash.
Good luck.

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I indeed grabbed the opportunity :wink:
Very fortunate to be a part of it, minus the rash :+1:


This is a good guild, especially as a relatively low level player. Glad you joined, it makes a massive difference to the enjoyment of the game imo.

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I agree. I’ve been playing over a year on mobile and just now realized “so thiiiis is how it’s supposed to work”.
Sad I know, but true. I guess you could say I’m back to learning some new ropes so to speak.
Turns out I was like Jon Snow and knew nothing :joy:


Hi The killing Hunters have a free place to forgive. We are looking for 1 active player who likes to play in the top 20. If you feel like playing with The killing Hunters, please contact us via pn

Awww well as always you are very nice =) I think some guilds miss what it means to be a guild. It isn’t just to get to the top. Its about learning, growing, and talking to each other. Getting to the top should just be a bonus.

To be at the very top, you need to play the game all the time like it is a chore. Hats off to those who want to do it and have the time to do it too.