Looking for a little more action!

We are looking to join a more competitive guild! Our levels…
What can we do?

  1. 1500 Seals/wk
  2. 300k+ in gold/wk
  3. We love Guild Wars, full participation

All our cities are maxed, so all gold goes to guild tasks! We would like to be able to get the max tier on for Guild chests and have organized tasks for completion!

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…just in case wew might be able to sort a home for these guys.

@WishKiller maybe able to help you, he is rebuilding his guild and could use a few great players.

Just adding in 2 cents here since its a open thread. Many of our members are real life family and friends. About 16 of us are. I’ll be making some roster changes soon so could fit you in (meaning spots will be open this week). Of course this just gives you options on what guild suits your needs.

We compete in bracket 2 / 3 for Guild Wars. Currently in bracket 4 due to being at the bottom of 2 (hate the bump down 2 brackets).

A typical week : 4 statues completed, 32-35k seals
This week : All statues completed and working to 40k seals.

My PSN is ‘Nekroslucem’.


We are interested, especially if you guys are good at communicating! The three of us is… me, my wife and a old high school buddy chat all the time! What you have will be great, we were doing close to that in our current guild before the original members had some fall out, no idea what happened, we just want to play & contribute! We are not sure our current guild will recover, and I already let them know we are looking else where, I wish them well… I don’t really expect to max out the seals all the time, but it would be nice to hit one once in awhile to open chests. We are steady Eddie’s, no problem on the commitments!

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Thanks for the suggestion…

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There ya go buddy…all 3 of you are free to move on from PARIAH now…Bad idea to advertise leaving when the guild leader is also a member of the forums…

“Here you go guys that say I am a bad guild leader…just kicked 3 from an already dying guild”

Look me up on ps4, I can help.

I never said that, but you just proved it! :wink: Good luck, thanks for never responding to the PM’s when I reached out to you and offered help!


Oh dear. Good luck, I believe nekros is a good person and runs a nice guild…

I have the messages you sent on PSN to prove what you said…But it’s no matter…no need for drama…you got what you wanted