PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting


Only 5 places left to fill! :smiley:


hello, I am close to level 200 and can meet the 50000 weekly contribution if you have an open spot. Invite code is DUMB BUTT


@jessestond, Hi, I tried sending you an invite but it is saying that you are already in a guild.


Sorry, left the old guild this morning. Would you please try again?


@jessestond, No problem. Just sent another one.


Awesome, I’m in and contributed my weekly 50Gs


Hi , I am level 152 I can do the contribution . Invite code RALPHDESIR_PBBB


@plantation1980, Cool, I just sent you an invite.


@plantation1980, Ah, you will need to leave your existing guild first. Just let me know when you have and I will send another invite.


I just did


@plantation1980, Thanks, Welcome to the guild.


Thank you I’m in


hi subby here. im at level 180 and daily player. can contribute to you guild. would be nice if you can add me. my code is SUBBY0815_FAFR. greets


@subby0815, Cool, I just sent you an invite


thx im in :wink:


2 places to fill :wink:


I’m interested in leaving the guild I started from day 1. I’m lvl 309 and play every day. My invite code was nephilim. I’m the guild leader on the ps4 of ‘quimby’. If I Leave can I pass on my leadership? I only joined the forum tonight. I think I should be able to donate 25-60 k a week. Regards Ozzzy
Dan_ozzzy189 (psn id)


I managed to get to the champions league and a rank of 70 by the way.


I typed something stupid here…


Excuse me? I asked because my girlfriend is in it with me and we’re the
only active players barring a couple and I’d have liked to given her the
leadership. I had no idea so I asked. There’s no reason why you would be so
rude and discourteous.