PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting


All quest lines are done except for the newest place. I do have a couple kingdoms leveled to full, one of them is designated as my home. I also have Dragon Armor which is nice for the stuff it gives. Took a lot of map farming and using to get that, lol.

I just seems like I don’t get much gold. Especially when I see the donation requirements of some guilds. I think 60k or so was the best I ever did in a week, a week I played a lot. Oh well.


Do treasure maps daily for plenty of gold, gems, glory, trait stones.

Doing 50 daily treasure maps nets on average per map 700 gold, three trait stones, 10 glory, 2 gems, 100 souls times 50 maps is a huge, huge amount of resources.

on average its 35 thousand gold per day, 100 gems, five thousand souls, 500 glory

Use the earned gems to buy the Dragon Armor that gives 100 percent boost to earned gold or buy gem keys for more troops.

I posted a community guide on how to get a free Dragon Armor in a few days and its a guide to easy map souls traitstones farming.

Hope this helps?


Invading with Dragon Armour brings lots of Gold. 600 g invading with dragonarmor = 1400 g.
My best income was 4500 g for one game.
For souls use celestial armor with valkery(full traited). 60 - 100 souls per game.


Two good Teams for Invasion without legendarys

Giant Slayers
Banner: red +2

Oger 2 Traits
Boar Rider 2 Traits
Alchemist 2 Traits
Goblin Rocket 1 Trait


  • Good Boardcontrol
  • all Colors
  • Good Synergie


  • no Valkery

Banner : Blue + 2

Druid 3 Traits
Valkery 3 Traits


  • 4 water links
  • high spell damage


  • Omg! I Need water!


@Cyron, Yes, we are still looking for people to join, sounds like our guild is a lot more active than yours. We currently have 20 people, and the majority of these contribute daily.

I get most of my gold from invasions, they are quick and I find the AI is easy to beat even if you don’t have the best/strongest teams.


@Wrangler0325, Yup, we are still looking for people, most of our guild are active, quite a few like myself on a daily basis. So if you wanna post your invite code, we would be glad to accept you.



Thanks, I just left my guild.

Invite code is: CYRONIUS_FUDZ

Lol, a guild with 5 active people is more active than the guild I was in.


@Cyron, Just sent invite code, welcome to the guild. :slight_smile:


Thank you, and I’m in now.


Awesome. I have left my guild and my invite code is zvonerva_4kdt.


@Wrangler0325, Just sent invite. Welcome to the guild.


Ty. I look forward to a little more activity than there’s been for me over the last while. Lol.


I am lvl 1000 . All kingdoms 5 star. Donate 2000+ trophies and 3,000,000 mil gold per week.
Be happy to joun your guild !
Just send me my free PS4 and i will be right there :stuck_out_tongue:


@DEMONorANGEL, since you are such an awesome player I just sent you a brand new PS4 by drone, I hope it gets to you soon :smile:


Me and my friend tried to start a guild didn’t work out. We both play and contribute to our own guild. I have the game also for my mobile so I play back and forth, while work does get in the way of some days being able to play every day, I try my best. My buddy usually plays every day. If you are looking for two people who contribute what they ca n to a guild. Of two we would be Looking to disband and join an active guild


@Halflax, Hi, we would be happy to accept the both of you into our guild. Just post your invite code(s) here and I will send you an invite.


Mine is halflax_4fyn I’m just waiting for him to get back to me with his. Thanks!


@Halflax, Just sent you an invite :slight_smile:


@Halflax, Welcome to the guild. I upgraded you so you will be able to invite your friend whenever it is convenient. Thanks for joining :slight_smile:


MASTERB_ZI1A is his tag. Im out with the family today enjoying the nice weather if you could hand him that would be great thank you