PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting


I believe we’re back to having two openings now


I recently joined Gra from another guild and it was a best decision I could have made (all due respect to my previous guild). :wink: Guild of Gra is made up of a great bunch of folks and they are willing to help you with building offensive, defensive, and even farming teams. Everyone is super friendly and contributes to the guild. If you are looking for a competitive, top guild and are willing to meet the requirements, you will be handsomely rewarded and you’ll have fun too! :smiley: Join Us!


bumpppp :slight_smile:


One place available :star2:


Soon to be #1 in GW :sunglasses:


1 place available currently :wink:


Guild of Gra is recruiting! Must be an active player at level 800-ish… Join us! :slight_smile:


This is our 5th mythic IIRC, after Plague, 2xPharosRa, Euryali.
And now Infernus! Which is arguably the strongest mythic in the game right now.
Well done everyone. :fire::fire::fire::fire:


That’s appalling. ONE GEM KEY!
What a con!


Looking for a great new member who can join preferably before reset time on Monday :wink:


One place available :slight_smile:


bumppp :slight_smile:

join us, we’re fun!


One place available, great rewards for great players :wink:


Congratulations on hitting the MILLION trophy milestone guys.


1 place available on Sunday :wink:


Still one place available. Join quickly and get those legendary tasks. (we’ve just started the first one before the Americans wake up!)
High level, experienced gw players need apply only. Join the number one ranked guild in guild wars for the second week running. The tide is turning, don’t miss out!


Currently looking for a couple of great players to join next week. Message me if you want to be part of one of the best guilds on console :wink:


Bump. Why not take the opportunity to join one of the very best guilds on the PS4?


One place available to join our great guild next week.


Would like to point out that @Graeme has been global chatting for people to join. So my wife requested to join, she was denied due to level yet was higher then at least 6 people in this thread he allowed to join.

Maybe you should declare these things in global chat and not waste peoples time. Shame to really, she’s quite active and it is indeed your loss as she found an active guild she can contribute to.