PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting. #2 in GW last week :)


@NukeZero, Sorry if you feel your wife’s time was wasted. She told me she had sent me a message on PSN asking to join. For some reason I never received that but then replied to her message on global a few minutes later…


Anyway, moving on, still 1 place available for next week :wink:


1 place available next week :smile:


I’m not part of guild of gra but would like to say I’ve heard nothing but great things about the guild and it’s leader. A great opportunity for someone.


Do you fancy it? :yum::grin:
Seriously though, very little drama and a fantastic leader and a great creative bunch of players.
(oh and we’ve not had any low level people join so I have no idea what that person was talking about but you can’t expect to join an end game guild at level 300 odd, sorry pal)


@BRchell - it is all true :slight_smile: thanks for the kind words