[PS4] DLC Purchase Never Received [RESOLVED]

I did put in a ticket but I’m afraid it’s the weekend and the devs need some rest. About 5-7 hours ago I purchased the Key Starter Pack. After starting the game, I see mail so I get all happy. Turns out it’s a guild task completed. No keys, so I restarted my ps4. No keys. I waited an hour, no keys. I played other games til now and - no keys.

Where’s my dlc? :cry: That was 15 bucks + nothing counted for my VIP and I’m trying to get VIP 5 which I think I’m at 3.

I’m sure it will get fixed once their weekend is over. When I’ve had problems during business hours they’ve fixed it in a matter of minutes.

This has been resolved, my apologies. It just took about a day, probably a PSN thing lol