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Provide a chance for commons when exploring or doing challenges

With the qty required and the limited additional resources gained the ability to farm commons would provide us with a great degree of flexibility.


The only people, myself included, that have “trouble” accumulating Commons are those with Contribution minimums.

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Interesting idea.

I’d day limit it challenges, leaving explore as a pure traitstone target. Then give it a 10% drop rate, where your difficulty setting determines the card rarity:

Normal, Hard = Common
Warlord I = Common or Rare
Warlord II = Common, Rare, or U.Rare
Warlord III = Rare, U.Rare, or Epic
Warlord IV = U.Rare, Epic, or Legendary

everyone would play warlord 4

Most people are already.

If you have a team that can defeat a challenge, on warlord 4, on average 30-40 times (depending on number of UR, E, and L’'s in the kingdom), you can farm a legendary drop…

Still going to be a significant time investment. But if it is too much, cap it at Epic.

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This would break the key system which I am sure the devs are happy with leaving in place. Instead I am just seeking to augment the key system with the ability to focus on commons. With the traditional cards and now the explosion in commons due to events the pool is being coming more and more dilute without additional sources.

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I wish i could farm a specific rarity, what with the number of given troops per rarity. We need more diverse chests with more diverse costs for farming specific rarities. Wonder how the guild update is coming along and if they will add something to alleviate this burden.

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An hour, or two tops, is not significant in a game like this.

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Don’t we already have this with Gold Keys dropping randomly while playing? I know Gold Keys drop things other than Common Troops, but they’re mostly Common (and everything else is good except Major Traitstones).


Gold keys yield a common troop 50% of the time (rare are 17%, minor 18%, major 7%, other 8%).
There are 36 commons in game currently.
Assuming all are available (which takes a few weeks after release), you need 72 gold keys for 1 of a specific common.
To raise a common to mythic requires 191 copies.

It will take 13,752 gold keys to get enough of a newly released common (reduced if you buy some for glory of course).

Being able to focus that down to a specific kingdom would be VERY helpful.

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What if the developers allowed us to optionally use Gold keys somehow on Event chests but they only gave Gold key rewards (like now). This way you could target specific commons… on occasion based on the weekly Event.

It wasn’t clear (to me at least) that the Common drop was from the particular Kingdom, although that would make sense.

I agree that a specific Common drop would be something some players would want to farm for, although I personally am happy to wait for them to eventually drop enough out of Gold Keys.

Your maths doesn’t take account of the fact that in that 13,000 Gold Keys would be enough copies of every other Common to get to Mystic too (on average). So it’s not 13,000 for each Common - it’s 13,000 for all of them.

I understand that each new Common resets the count somewhat, but in my experience enough of each do eventually arrive if you play long enough and collect Gold Keys from Tributes fairly regularly.

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That would be ideal. Since event chests cost 50% more than standard gem keys, an Event specific version of a Gold chest should cost 450 gold a pop.

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