Add some cards to the pvp tier prize

Other topics mentioned that accessibility to new kingdom commons is really bad.
And I can seond that from practice, having 500-ish of commons AFTER ascension I have 1 (one!!) Snow sprite. While having 16 of each glacial Rs, 11 of epics and 3-4 of each legendary. And I did open like 300 gold keys to have that one, maybe more.

The other idea to post a few commons for every other tear in event packs is great, but there other ways too that can be used. The PvP tier proces are now just souls and similar resources but some of them could drop troops, a few commons from the recent kingdoms. So people could even out the roster via natural play.

(many other games manage this problem through crafting, you can in essence convert 5-10 of the other useless commons to the desired one through some intermediate thing, as we don’t have that other means should be there.)

This is a fantastic idea and I completely approve!

Teche9neee was suggesting something like this. The top 100 players on the leaderboard should get event troops a couple weeks early. The devs upload a month in advance to begin with. For example, anyone who gets in the top 100 get 1 copy of the troop 2 events from that event. That way when the next event comes around everyone in the top 100 will have the event troop for the subsequent week. The way the rank resets work it would technically be 1 week in advance.

Aren’t the glory keys basically cards and trait stones anyway?

They are from rares and up. Commons drop only from gold keys. And chances for a single card are worse than pull “any legend” from a glory key.

Suboptimal to gather 150 copies anytime soon :slight_smile:

It really only makes sense for to me for them to do it for Ranked Rewards. It needs to be both strong troop and re-usable system or else it would be really difficult to maintain the supply.

I think that this would ruin the challenge to get all the cards in the game so not the best of Ideas