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Troop farming option

Explores and challenges offer kingdom specific stones, explores offering the “good” stones at a significantly improved rate. Because of the fact explores are generally superior to challenges in all ways I think something should be done to give challenges a niche.

In the game currently troops and traitstones are obtained from keys at a ratio of 3 to 1, in other words 75% troop 25% stone (this is data from over 21000 mixed chest types). My suggestion is to add troops at an inverted ratio, so roughly 75% stone 25% troop, to challenges limited to the kingdom’s troops. There are 7 challenges per kingdom and I’d make it so drops are limited by which you do

1st - All stones
2nd - Stones and Common
3rd - Stones and Common/Rare
4th - Stones and Common/Rare/UltraRare
5th - Stones and Common/Rare/UltraRare/Epic
6th - Stones and Common/Rare/UltraRare/Epic/Legendary
7th - Stones and Common/Rare/UltraRare/Epic/Legendary/Mythic

For example, say you do Adana on 3rd challenge. If your rarity indicates you would have gotten a Major stone, now you have a 75% chance of Major and a 25% chance of either Alchemist or Steam Turret (Adana’s 2 rares). If on that same challenge you would get an Arcane stone, you just get an Arcane since you aren’t on the 5th or higher to qualify for an Epic troop. Only troops currently in chests qualify.

This would give people that are looking for a specific troop a way to grind it. Need 5 more Sand Cobra to ascend it? Go farm Leonis Empire 2nd challenge. Want a Sylvanimora? Go farm Forest of Thorns on 6th or 7th, but it will take a while as it would be at roughly a quarter the rate of getting a celestial stone.

The reason that 1st challenge is just stones is that challenges are the single fastest way to farm minors, and I wouldn’t want that taken away.


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might be a little off topic but today i cought Sirrian in the chat asking that soon we would need “gold event chests” type of chest and he replied that its a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

so if we could get those then the troop farmig could not be needed…

edit: i also think making cards farmable through wins is a violation to gacha system… i could accept it but not with the higher rarities, i think that is overdoing it, creating extra amoung of bot issues and less $ income

That would help, certainly, but only if the troop you need coincides with the event. But if the event is Blackhawk, and I really want to finish off Leonis, I’m screwed until Leonis gets a turn. And with 26 kingdoms, that is a once in 6 month thing.

yeah but that has been like this since forever, and i think thats one of the nice features rewarding players who stay for longer in game, i dont feel like there is a need to allow players to get ‘all’ the cards in game ‘right now’

True, but as the pool gets ever more diluted, the ability to make progress is hindered.

It doesn’t really impact me. I’m missing only 3 cards (3 mythics), and only 21 pre-pirate troops not yet to mythic. But for someone that hasn’t been here over a year, that is a HUGE mountain to climb.

Looking at my data, arcanes come from challenges at a 1.9% drop rate, celestials around 0.6%. To get an epic troop to drop you would need to hit that 1.9% chance, and then only 1 in 4 of those would be a troop. Put another way, you’d get an Epic troop in roughly 210 challenges. You’d get a Legendary troop in 667 challenges.