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Gaining new kingdoms' commons and rares

Continuing the discussion from the new kingdom mentioned at Server Issues (7th April) + Maintenance.

With a new kingdom expected to come within the next month or so, I figured I resurface the issue of accumulating new kingdom cards. As the game currently stands, commons and rares associated with new kingdoms are the hardest to obtain of any rarity. Ultra rares can easily be accumulated with event keys; epics are covered by the glory reward, event keys, and VIP keys; and legends are covered under event and VIP keys. This leaves commons and rares with no particular way to be kingdom focused. Oddly enough, commons are the hardest of any new troop type to obtain. Commons are exclusive only to gold keys. Cash can’t even buy them since the cheapest troop packs are rare bundles.

As a proposal to fix this, I believe there should be glory packs during the initial week of new kingdom releases in order to ease along the accumulation. It could be something like:

200 glory = 10 commons, 2 minors, 1k gold, 100 souls, 1 event key
250 glory = 5 rares, 2 minors, 1k gold, 100 souls, 1 event key

It currently costs 6,400 glory to max an epic to mythic. In this proposed system, it would take 3,800 glory to max a common and 5,000 glory to max a rare. No person is going to spend that much glory to completely max them, but having the opportunity to buy several packs of each can assist greatly in getting new commons and rares to mythic in a timely manner.

From Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands my rares won’t be mythic until this Monday and my commons won’t me mythic until a month+; yet, I have ultra rares, epics, and legends mythic already. Commons shouldn’t be the hardest to obtain troop.


Stop editing your post i am trying to read it.


Haha, I only made a 1 word edit to it twice that I omitted from typing too fast. It should be fine now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For me it is similar (it’s going to take longer to get them to mythic though). And that seems a bit counterintuitive. Shouldn’t it be the Legendaries that are hardest to get to mythic.

So +1 from me for your suggestion. :smiley:

Just curious, is not simply buying gold keys an option?

There are about 27 commons in the game plus however many the new kingdom has. Assuming a gold key even decides to drop a common, the chance of getting a specific common is less than a 4% chance. That needs to happen 191 times. The actual chance per key is like 0.2% or something, probably less.

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Sure, but if everyone started doing that, then who is going to contribute to the guild tasks?

I try to give >90% of my gold income to my guild. I may buy a few gold keys once in a while if I am still looking for one or 2 specific minor traitstones, but if you want to exclusively buy gold keys to get a common to mythic, you’re going be unable to donate to your guild…

how many troops are common and how many rewards are in those gold chests? I think nailing one kingdom in those many possible rewards is the problem i see with gold chests. Waiting to mythic my anything over here or getting my last two rares from blighted lands.

The problem with gold chests for accumulating commons is it has to compete with rares, resources, and all the other commons. Trying to farm a specific common out of gold keys is extremely unrealistic. It would take around 5,000 - 10,000 gold keys for a mythic anything, but then you have to do that again for every new kingdom.

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i wonder if you assume that as the price if all you got was that specific troop from the chests and no other troop or reward.

Just wondering. I don’t see “farming for gold keys” that much different from farming challenges for traitstones - and treasure maps give gold keys, I believe. And regarding giving gold to guild tasks - having to “choose” isn’t much different from people choosing on how much to give between tasks and leveling kingdoms.

To be clear, I’m not in any form against Tacet’s proposal. I see it as a path to getting the desired resources faster than any of the “slower” avenues, which is fine.

The proposal is mainly for late game people who have glory numbers constantly in the 1,000s. People who maintain 3 digit glory amounts would likely go for the epic over the common and rare pack, as they will easily get commons and rares through their normal farming methods. The main reason what I proposed is needed is because the late game economy of this game gains commons at an extremely low rate. Most late game players have more rares than they do commons. Having an option to directly obtain a specific common would help greatly in balancing out the economy.

Also, treasure hunts only drop glory and gem keys, not gold keys. The only way to get gold keys are:

  • From buying them for 300 gold each
  • 10 in troop glory packs
  • Occasionally drop from matches
  • Multiple tributes

Dust devil and hell hound are my last troops from the new kingdoms that i need to obtain to have all the troops from gold keys. I have opened at least 1000 gold keys since the update assuming that there have been 10 weeks since 1.9 dropped and not including keys i have gotten from matches and the like. I could drop another 10k for troops but geez it might be better to spend it on a guild task instead.

Not my place to say but I have heard good things about plans to help with this issue. @Sirrian whenever you want.

That might be weeks away news.


See, being able to buy a new kingdom’s commons and rares would help everyone. :slight_smile:

i wont knock it but i really want them so badly. I have read on the forums that dust devil can be very powerful. Like rock worm looping powerful. I want four of them to find out if they are or not.

And the % to get the troops you want gets lower and lower…

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That depends on how much one plays the game to be fair. I donate 300-400k to my guild each week but I’ve still been able to buy enough gold chests to get the commons/rares to Mythic status from Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands.

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This kind of ours you at the extreme end of the top 1% of players. Thus 99% of players are nowhere near this level of activity.

If you’re late game then you’re likely only using your gold of guild tasks and your glory to immediately buy 6 copies of the weekly troop. I don’t have too much sympathy for you in either case. Not sure they need to invent a whole new system just to make it easier for late-game players to get all the troops…

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