Problem with character race (Not a bug)

Mobile: android 8.0

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I started to play recently, and created a female werewolf (or shapeshifter? It’s оборотень in my language. And I’m trying to create a werewolf squad, but it turned out that my character is considered to be an elf, not a werewolf 0_o though she had to be a werewolf from the start, not that I changed race later in the game ( not sure if it’s even possible).
I hope it’s possible to make my char to be considered a werewolf. Thx.

Your hero’s type is tied to your chosen class for the team.
If it’s set as an Elf that means you are probably using either Archer or Orbweaver class.
Appearance of the hero you can change to anything you like, it doesn’t affect the gameplay at all


I dont think you’re playing gems of war.

Oh, I was guessing something like that. Thank you. Where can I see which classes are tied to werewolf race?

What you mean with ‘wereweolf’ is a wargare and currently there is no hero class which counts as such.

By the way, is there a possibility to see what class counts as what troop type without manually going through each of them? There is an overview table about class talent trees, but I couldn’t find one with hero class/troop type relations.


Does this address your problem @dakorher ?

Yes, I’ve been answered all the problems

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