[NOT A BUG] Upcoming troop(s) using wrong troop type in spell description

Hatir & Skroll
Summon a Winter Wolf or Warg.

Skroll Reborn
Summon 1-3 Wargs.

Unless Wargare were renamed or Warg are a new race that’s being added or, as Jonathan has pointed out, you mean the troop ‘Warg’, that’s an oversight. Just letting you guys know in advance.

[Tidbit from an old Q&A: Wargare were originally intended to be called Warg (= wolf) but somebody forgot a space in the opening sentence in the design document: ‘The Warg are’ → ‘The Wargare’]

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There’s actually a specific Troop card called ‘Warg’! Similarly with Winter Wolf, the other Troop listed in the spell.

Fun tidbit!


Ooooh, good point, thanks, that might indeed be what they’re going for!

I figured the spell works like Queen Moonclaw (summon a troop type)

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I can confirm that this is exactly what happens. The Spell will summon troops 6196 (Winter Wolf) or 6282 (Warg):


At no appointed authority invested in me.
Only @gary_dils and @Hawx are authorized to do Bug reports prior to actual releases moving forward.

If anyone has a bug report they’d like to submit. Feel free to Direct message ether of them if it’s about a troop or weapon that hasn’t been released yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think what @awryan is trying to say (without putting words in his mouth) is that pre-release queries are probably best asked on the spoiler thread.

If you are still unsure if it is intended design, placeholder data or a possible inconsistency then you can reach out on the Gems of War Alliance Discord servers spoiler-chat channel where there are a number of knowledgeable players who can help.

Dm’s are always welcome but I’m in no way official or the only person who could help but I can certainly help answer queries and direct you to the proper procedures :grin:



I agree to that. I am in no way authorized by any party to be the one tackling “future bugs”.
I might be knowledgable, but so are quite a few others at the GoW Alliance Discord, just like @Hawx pointed out.
Since the number of direct requests to myself have increased: I won’t be able to provide that level of service, nor am I interested to do so.
That being said, don’t hesitate reaching out, just don’t expect me to tackle that situation in a timely manner.

Cheers, Gary.


Thanks for the time you two put in. Have you considered a bug tracker of sorts so reports don’t get lost in the shuffle and feedback is limited to on-topic posts?

yes I did. I will not take any action on this without the devs approval.
Reached out to a couple of them, but didn’t hear from them ever since.

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