Class change possible yet?

I wanna change the hero 's class (human / wargare / undead and so on).
How can i do that?


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Go to ‘hero’ in the menu and then ‘class’ and select the one you’d like. They are unlocked by completing quest lines in kingdoms. You get 1 class change every 24 hours.

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True but i mean the type of your hero. When i have kerberos and 2 other wargares in my team i want to be my hero a wargare too for ex.

How can i do that?

click on hero at the bottom of the screen,

then on the class tab, the different choices in there count as different things, like bard can count as wildfolk, archer as elf ectclassclassinfo

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You can’t change troop type but you can change class, some classes have a ‘perk’ that makes them count as a specific type of troop.

I’m guessing you haven’t played all the quests yet bc you can’t unlock until completed.

No hero wargsre, yet.

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There is currently no class that turns your hero into Wargare.

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I have completed all the quests. I can choose between all the types.

But my hero’s type is shown still as a ‘hero’, not as anything else. Also after a change

Thanks a lot for your answers


It will always say hero.

You have to win a bunch of battles with that hero, like 250 or so i think to unlock all the perks and the class weapon. after that it will count as whatever the class offers


I think you have to trait hero with the stones and the wins go towards the weapons.

Aaaaaah okay that might be the problem. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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wins unlock the perks/class weapons. I have all the perks unlocked, but not all the traits on all the heros

Oh ok, it’s been so long i must of forgot the exact order. Sorry.

Hello Everyones

Sorry for how i write here : i’m french and i study english a long time ago …

I can’t change the class of my characters whether on PC or android see below what it does to me (without having done anything before …)

here is someone to help me ?

You have to choose a team first to be able to choose a class. Each team can have different classes now if you wish.