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Hero class info reads: "The hero is now of this kingdom and of troop type %1"

Platform, device version and operating system

  • Win 10, Steam,

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was expecting to find out my hero’s troop type in Hero>Class Info (though I read it’s not until level 20 that you become a troop type)

  • What I read was “The hero is now of this kingdom and is of troop type %1”.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just noticed it today, July 7/18.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Click on hero icon at bottom, check “Class Info” and read description

Hey thanks for letting us know about this, we fixed this yesterday so it should be fine now, please take another look :slight_smile:

Kafka, it would be great to see the troop types the hero gain/become at each class.
Is it possible, as in will it fit, add it to this part of the description?

Example, the Runepriest:

Currently we can only see the Type if we change classes and look at the “Hero Card”.


Yeah, before update 3.5 it was possible to know what kind of troop the hero would become for each class. Now we can only see that on the hero card AFTER changing to the desired class. So if for exemple I want to change to Oracle class, I have no way to know that the hero will become a Centaur before changing class to Oracle.
Razzagor solution is what we need. @Kafka

The type text will be added with the next patch.

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So, the text is just a single line being used for every class instead of having different lines, one for each class?

That’s a shame, i wish i could know the approximate release date of 3.6, this certainly would be a casual topic during an Ice Cream break with my good friend @Cyrup:innocent::ice_cream:

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Could even take out “now a Dwarf”, so it reads, “The hero is a Dwarf from this kingdom.”. It makes it more of a statement about the character as opposed to an update, which becomes passe after the switch to the said kingdom and the first read.

Thanks for responding to the post so quickly. I think Razzagor with the post below you has a good point that I think would worth reading.

If i correctly guessed the issue with Ozball’s answer the thing can’t be done unless the devs submit a update to introduce new individual files with descriptions for each class. A quick draw to better explain what could be the problem:


There is only one file with text description being used for all classes, that’s why every single class had the same “Troop Type 1%” and why Kafka was able to simply change it without the need of an update. But to add specific descriptions they need to introduce these new specific files and that may require a system update which needs approval an all that stuff… That’s my guess.

That makes sense. I’ve done a little bit of coding myself. I know exactly what you mean.

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