Hero Class Kingdom/Troop type


I believe there is no way to identify what Kingdom or troop type the hero will be until you have actually adopted the class. It would be great if all classes could be listed here so that I can mske up a complete list for my guildies.
To start

Bard - Wlldfolk from Pan’s Vale

Now just need

Communuity help much appreciated :grinning::+1:


Edit - Maxx’s list was more comprehensive than mine :+1:


Archer - Elf from Forest of Thornes
Assassin - Naga from Mist of Scales
Deathknight - Undead from Ghulvania
Dragonguard - Dragon from Dragon’s Claw
Knight - Knight from Swords Edge
Mechanist - Mech from Adana
Necromancer - Undead from Khetar
Oracle - Centaur from Divinion Fields
Orbweaver - Elf from Zul’kari
Priest - Divine from Whitehelm
Runepriest - Dwarf from Khaziel
Sorceror - Daemon Karakoth
Titan - Giant from Stormhiem
Warden - Beast from Maugrim Woods
Warlord - Giant from Broken Spire

Orbweaver + Deathknight Hero Class Changes


@Maxx Thank you so much :grinning:


Thanks Maxx. Super handy. I wish this information was available in game prior to changing.


This information was available before the last update. This info should be found in the “class info” section of each class. Could the devs consider adding this info again? Its a useful one. @Cyrup


The info is available here https://gowdb.com/classes/


Its also available now in this thread. But it needs to be available in the game like it was for months before update 3.5.


The website will have updated info for new classes. But i agree they should make it available in game


The info is still available in-game without having to change to the class, just a bit hidden. Go to a class in the hero menu, select ‘customize’ and then the ‘class info’ tab, you’ll see it there :slight_smile:


Sure, kingdom info is available. But what about troop type? Where does it say in this screenshot that Assassin counts as Naga?
Back when we had to select one perk out of three, it said ‘hero counts as insert troop type for team bonuses’. These days, I think, we have all those perks selected by default and not displayed on the screen, hero talents added and no way to see what sort of race hero is without specifically selecting the class.


You’re totally right, I missed that, sorry! It would be really useful to have it displayed next to the kingdom in that screen, for example…


This has been noted. thanks for bringing it up again!