Class Info Change

Hey gang, new player here and wondering how important the Class Info screen is for my hero. It seems like I accidentally selected his type without realizing it. I was leveling him as a sorcerer and got him to level 10, then selected something that permanently made him a Daemon and from Karakoth.

Is this something I can change?
How important is it?

If it is important, how do I reset my account so I can start over? I’m less than a week into the game and want to start out right.

Hey! Welcome, and don’t fret! :slightly_smiling_face: This is something that happens to the Sorcerer class at level 10, for everyone. It won’t negatively affect your teams in any way.

You get bonus stats for having multiple troops of the same type on your team - e.g. 3-4 Daemons, 4 blue troops, 3-4 from the same kingdom. Beforehand, your Hero had none of these, and wouldn’t have been able to gain any bonuses. Now it can!

In general, there aren’t really things you can do that screw up your account - everything’s additive. To a small extent, levelling up too quickly can make PvP(? I think? not sure about other game modes) more difficult before you have the cards, or before you’re ready for it; but otherwise, there’s nothing that should make you need to reset your account :slightly_smiling_face:.

Yes currently you get a “Free” Hero class change every 24 hours, or can change it immediately for 50 Gems (do NOT do this second paid option). Some changes to the way this work are planned for a future update.

:crazy_face: Welcome to gems
The new patch sometime this month (we have been oh so wanting) will make class change free. Probably other good we want stuff too.

Great! Thank you all for responding; but will I always remain a Daemon?

No, your sub-type (if you will) changes depending on your class.

Your Sorcerer class will always remain a Daemon; this is the same for everyone, and it has no negative impact versus having no troop affiliation/not being a Daemon, afaik.

As Syril said, if you don’t want to be a Daemon anymore, you can just change class (if you have different classes available) :slightly_smiling_face:.