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Hero class/type question:

Is it possible for your Hero to be a human? I know that you can change their appearance but as far as I know, that won’t affect their stats in a team…

What I’m trying to do is build an all-knight, all-human team from Sword’s Edge. The Knight class 3rd perk is to make them a Knight. So I guess can your Hero be two types? Or only one type via the Class 3rd perk?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well i dare say we still have no human class yet. So far we have no hybrid classes. It might be a while before we get them as we still have many normal classes to go through.

I’d really like Hero’s to get even more attention next update - dual type would be great for the those players like myself who are trying to build out really good teams for different opponents.

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The sky is the limit with heros, i still want a goblin hero.

I would love to see the Hero RACE be something in game. Meaning, if you select a HUMAN Avatar then you count as a HUMAN. This would of course require the release of MORE Hero avatars of all types available in-game.

I suppose Wargares could count as a BEAST? :wink:

Warden can already count as Beast, though, and Wargares could count as Wargares. Similarly, Archer counts as Elf, with no reflection on whether or not your race is Elf. Surely a new Groshnak hero class could be of orc type, and who knows? Maybe the Darkstone hero class could be Human. But yes, the disconnect is strong.

They are their own race both as troop and as selectable race, we probably have no hero though that is a waregare