Change Hero Card?

I was just wondering if it was possible to change your hero card.

I ask because I don’t like my Hero Traits and wish they were something better.

If you change hero class your hero will get different traits

Forgive me if I seem ignorant, I’ve only been playing a couple of months now.

So if I change hero class does that affect all the teams? I mean is it global or can I have one team with one hero class and a different team with another hero class?

I love using this staff

You can designate a specific hero class for each one of your teams. In the troops tab, open a team. The class tab is in about the middle. Use that to assign a class to your team.

Be warned - you must have completed the class quests to have access to the class and it must be equipped with your hero on the team in order to earn champion experience points. Champion experience points open your talent trees. Good luck.