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Priming target with Hunter's Mark

Now that we have items and abilities like the Dust Devils to shift the position of opponents around, I would like to bring attention to an old, underpowered ability: Hunter’s Mark.

I think Hunter’s Mark would be immensely more effective (and logical), if it can also pull the marked target to the front position as well, essentially “priming” the target for the impending hunt.

As it is, there is basically no point in placing Hunter’s Mark on any position other than the first, yet AI is known to place the frigging thing ALL OVER THE PLACE :angry:

This would also make the Dire Wolf more relevant. Right? @Jainus?
Thoughts, anyone?


I really like this idea!

Hunter’s mark is pretty useless atm, this would be great for a skull damage team up against a stoneskin tank.

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I like the idea, but my Dire Wolf / Green Seer / Griphon / Prismatic orb disagrees with you on hunter mark not being usefull when placed on anything else than frontline :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like this idea… IMHO an even better one (that I campaigned for before but suspect that devs put in the too hard box) is that Hunter’s Mark makes that enemy the target of attacks, wherever they are in the team, and no need to change the team order…


Hunter’s Mark is far from useless. It negates Armored and Stoneskin and when combined with any attack gainer, you’re in for some serious damage.

I’ve thought it would be a decent idea for a legendary trait on Orion to have a Hunters Mark target a troop regardless of position.