Redirect, Reflection - Ability / Trait [Suggestion]

As a fan of reflects and stuff … I think there are two different features that might be interesting to be added to this game.


[Debuff, 10% cumulative cleanse]
Redirected troops will be targeted by damage from matching skulls instead of the first target.


[Talent, Legendary / Mythic]
If targeted by a debuff, reflects it back to its caster [Legendary] / reflect it back onto all enemies [Mythic].

Not really overpowered, counterable and I believe fun.
Suggestions, ideas or criticism ? Please, share.

Redirect - changing enemy troop order has this effect, not many troops have it yet.

Reflection - interesting idea, I just don’t think it would work very well given that the AI is quite dumb. As a buff instead of a trait would be better, but there aren’t many dispel options yet.

I think the game has more than enough different mechanics for the time being, some just need tweaking or more troops with that effect, such as poison silence disease hunter’s mark changing troop order. It seems to be improving overall though.

Both sound like they came straight out of a M:tG deck lol

I like both ideas!

… I am just enjoying my time, sharing some ideas. It’s not like I hope them to be added to the game, you know :smile: It’s mostly for the discussion.

I thought of Hunter’s Mark fitting this Redirect theme, but wasn’t sure how would the community accept it. There was no point in marking troops that weren’t 1st, but with the new Falcon, there is.
If Hunter’s Mark and “bring the troop to front” are merged - that would make much more sense and be ideal. But again, not sure what the community thinks of it.


Yeah, I’d love for a troop that can change enemy order and get an extra turn. Either an automatic extra turn or through gem spawning/conversion/removal

hunter mark and bring troop to front merge sounds good to me.

skull matching needs some love, it is too much a spellcaster’s game right now (imo)

Completely agree.

Hunter’s mark bringing troops to the front would make things more fresh. Redirecting would also avoid potential contradicting if more troops are “Marked”. So in case you mark someone, you bring them to the front. That way, everything is solved.

About the spellcaster’s game - true. There are currently only like 4 teams that work with skulls, one being nerfed (Bone Dragon + Assassin). The others are Justice, which is pretty much a looping team that happens to have skulls in it, Great Maw + Sheggra, and the new King Mikhail.

That’s it.
And I think reintroducing some fun skull tricks through Hunter’s mark would be awesome.

The only issue here would be how to do reflection properly. Given you could have 2 teams filled with this type. And it would be a cascade of endless reflect. So my inclusion to the idea is this. If a spell is reflected by the other team. Even if the originating team has a character that can also reflect, the spell hits without reflecting again. Another idea to add to this is whatever damage was incurred to that troop. 30%-50% of that damage is reflected back to the originating team.

Very good find, @NekrosLucem
Thanks for pointing that out.

It would definitely have to be corrected in a certain way. Otherwise it would simply flood both teams, which doesn’t really sound fun. It would have to be coded in this way and specified in description, too.

About the addition or reflecting the damage back, we already have 25% and 50% Skull reflection, so I think magic damage reflection would find it’s place in this game.
However, I believe it would have to be a separate trait. Otherwise it would become too overpowered compared to other traits.