Is Hunters Mark a negative effect?

Id like to hear your oppinions:
Is Hunters Mark (e.g. Orion) a negative effect (a debuff) or does it fall into another catergorie?

I questioned myself, coz Emperina doe not remove it (Cleanse).

Hi Shrpy,

That is a bug in 1.0.6 (the current version)
I just checked our log of fixes, and that one was fixed a few weeks ago, and will be working correctly when 1.0.7 arrives.

It’s debatable how ‘negative’ it is as it’ll generally wear off before you can do much useful with it…

…do note that it does also boost damage from skulls hit in explosions which does offer some fun build opportunities…

EDIT : and dang this forum for telling me this aged thread was a new one to comment upon… Oops…