Hunter Mark fact

Well, I just realized that Hunter Mark also doubles damage from exploding gems.

Nice to know in the current explosion-age.


Huh, I never knew that, but then again I never use troops that cause hunter’s mark. Do you have a clip you could upload as well?

This is correct, and had always been the case. Not that it’s much use in the end game now that hp numbers are so high…

I remember this from ages ago. Back when green troops were scarce (wow right?). Gorgotha + Carnex + Orion + Behemoth or something. Nail them with Hunters Mark and they take 20+ damage from the exploders - when that’s 1/3 of their hp.

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It’s one of the things I tend to forget.
Like how Enraged also ignore « Armor traits »

Oh yeah. Lost my Gorgotha to that the other day because I chose to burn down the other things first.

Oops. :stuck_out_tongue: