Hunter's Mark in need of rework?

While we’re on the subject of debuffs and their relative value to the game, I’d love to see Hunter’s Mark changed. In particular, long ago I recall someone suggesting that Hunter’s Mark should instead redirect all skull damage to the marked troop. I really liked this idea, as it would be another means of bypassing a tank, and would make Hunters Mark meaningful on any troop aside from the first (though ironically it’d then be meaningless for that first troop…). I suppose you’d need to tiebreak in case multiple troops are marked, in which case I’d say tie goes to the topmost marked troop.

Any other suggestions that come to mind? Is Hunter’s Mark where you want it to be?


‘Someone’ was me… Repeatedly :slight_smile:

My view is that Hunter’s Mark should change the attack target and double the skulls damage…

Hardly game-breaking, and brings interesting ideas for attacking…

Also: casting Hunter’s Mark should remove it from any other enemy marked, only one enemy can be marked at once…


The point you laid out seems reasonable, I would love for it to work that way but the damage is still or use tho, it’s just that to be used properly it needs to me built around and the rest teams are mostly good… Not great, I think that to make best use of this that all skull damage gets directed to the marked troop and if that troop is the 1st enemy then it takes 2x skull damage (as it does now)

I’ve played Orion for a long time in combination with Luther. I take much use of the Hunter’s Mark, as it allows me to take down even the tankiest units much faster (especially with Luther’s attack buff).

Keeping the double damage while redirecting the skull attack sounds pretty OP offensively. I can focus on a Rowanne and Paladin much better and take him/her down before they can act. This applies to any unit that is essential for the enemy team.

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I agree that this rework sounds like a cool feature that will add some extra danger to fights. But, I don’t think it should do double damage if they allow the redirection of skulls.

Would be nice to have it on multiple enemies so that when you match skulls you attack enemies with hunter’s mark and keep the double damage if only one has the mark. Too strong? That means you attack both enemies that have hunter’s mark.

I agree that hunter’s mark should only be on a single troop at a time. This would be more straightforward from a coding perspective as well.

I always thought Hunter’s Mark should move whoever got marked to the front of the lineup as well as dealing more damage with skulls, and only one person should be marked a time. I feel like that holds true to the “hunter’s mark” thematic and would make it VERY useful.

Yes, too strong and too bizarre.

Lore-wise, Hunter’s Mark should mean ‘intended target’…

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I guess you are right but it would have been nice for ice wolf to attack all troops at once with 5x damage.

This would be fine with me as Hunter’s Mark is on, what, 3 Troops?

Having Skull damage redirect would make my idea for a Legendary Knight Trait possible.

Vanguard: Receive Skull damage in place of allies.

Would even be a counter to an updated Hunter’s Mark :wink:


So if we were to change it so that it allowed multi-attacking then not op then?

This quite amusing.

When I first started playing Gems this is exactly what I thought Hunter’s Mark was going to do when I was targeted by the AI the first time. It did not happen, so I read the description, and was not impressed.

+1 To the idea that Skull damage should move to the “Marked” Troop.

Nope, still OP and still silly… sorry :slight_smile: