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Pridelands Week

I am getting only ONE event point, once in a while, or getting none. Also, when I switch weapons when I come back, I am back to the one I switched out from. What is going on??? Am I getting hacked or bugged??? At this rate of event points, I will barely get one or two rewards for the week. I am on Xbox One.

Hey, thanks for making a bug report about this.

In order to earn event points this week you’ll need to defeat Purple Enemies in PVP and Explore battles. Maybe you’re fighting very few teams with purple troops in them as I’m able to receive event points as intended.

Regarding your weapon changing, are you playing different game modes? ie you play PVP then go play explore, change your weapon, then go back to PVP or? where are you looking and what are you doing before and after the weapon changes by itself? and what are you doing in between?

I only play the Explore mode and Treasure Hunt games unless I need to clear a kingdom. I don’t do PVP cause there are too many cheaters in that arena and they are not ranked properly.

The troops have to be purple for you to get event points. Not every kingdom is saturated with purple troops.

So next time you’re in a battle, count the opponent’s troops that use purple. Then compare that number to the event points you get. They should be the same. If there was one purple troop, you’ll get one event point. For Explore in a random kingdom this is about average! I’m writing a tool to help find the best kingdom to explore for events, and as an example: my numbers aren’t perfect yet but there’s only a 77% chance to get an event point from a random Broken Spire battle. A handful of battles award 2, some battles award 1, and many battles award 0. So if you play 100 Broken Spire battles, you might only end up with 70-80 event points.

That’s a little different in PvP. Some of the meta teams use 2-3 purple troops, and you get to pick between 3 choices each time. So if you’re scouting, it’s easier to get 2 or 3 event points per match.

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Regarding your Weapon issue, I need more information to help.

Are you experiencing any lag or error messages?
Do you turn the Xbox off then come back?
Or just exit the game and come back?
Or are you leaving the game open on the World Map?
Are you changing or editing teams at all?

For the event points just go into PvP and find any battle with the enemy using the thief class and you’ll finish the event easily. Just be sure you have a team that can win against a team of 20 troops.

Be sure to have something that can target a troop. I would have won if I had a chance to kill his 3rd slot Hyndla but every time I killed the first and last slot they were replaced by Bandits.