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So... how is 20 PvP battles for 750 points possible?

So I decided to attempt to slog through the weekly event (PvP kills… screw that mission) but as I was doing it, someone said they got it all fully completed in 20 battles… yes, they got 750 Event Points in 20 battles… could someone explain to me how they got 37/38 points each battle considering how ridiculous PvP is? I can’t figure it out.


I dunno, sometimes when I fight that hero who summons Bandits it feels like I’ve killed 37 or 38 by the end of it all…

Casual pvp

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If you find a team that summons you could just allow him to summon troops and keep killing them. Honestly I would rather spend that time doing it normally since you get the extra rewards. I doubt it will be much faster anyway.

There’s also a few drake rider teams that give 8 per battle.

I call BS, they probably meant they made it to Rank 1 in 20 battles, which is still pretty stellar but I can imagine a scenario that caused it.

I did get 12 event points from a Bandit-spawning hero one battle, but honestly that match took about 5x a normal battle so in the end I lost points. I absolutely despise “helpful” teams like that.

Every time a troop is transformed it counts as killing it, awards one soul and one event point… Using dragon’s eye can net you some extra event points in this way, not sure it’s faster than just doing more matches the usual way though.

This. They did 20 ranked PvP to get to tier 1 and then did casual PvP for the rest, which won’t show up in your stats anywhere.

You can skip through casual PvP for 50 gold to find quick easy defenses to speed it up.