Help! Severe bug on this week's Events!

Hello, just now I had played several battles on Explore Mode of Mist of Scales, and I’m quite sure that there were some Naga in the enemy teams, on which I can see the “points” during the battles. But after I won the battles, there were no points earned, and my points on the events didn’t add,either. I had tried and restarted the game several times, but it still happened. Now please help me and find what’s going on. Thank you very much!

This is a known issue that our team is looking into. :slight_smile:

so? Are they any solutions or compensations???:joy::joy::joy:

Not at this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, there is also a Problem with the “extra-Stone-Event”… I played a few pvp-matches but no extra-Stone… 3 hours ago, it worked.

:sob: so what can I do??? I just want the new card Tecza which I haven’t got, and I have collected 53p, which is so close to my goal, and isn’t there anything I can do??? At least why it happens and how to avoid…

Both the Double Trait stones in PVP and the Event stones in Explore are not working.

For me this started at 9:00pm tonight and I saw on my mobile ‘download’ at the end of the PVP. Filed a big report after reproducing it.

Went and saw Explore the same issue. no event stones after killing naga.

At least I only lost 1 there. However with PVP I think I’ve lost 8-10 wins tonight.

Our team is working on a fix for this now.

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Thanks Salty.

Going to just do some stone farming then

Just gained 2,500 PvP pts … so around 50 games … so look forward to being “compensated” my missing 50 random traitstones …

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Howcome you have lost over 100 invades so far this event?

I just want my deserved Tecza cards:sob: no further expectations…

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Do you really need those 50 minor wind traitstones :wink:


Remember they randomized the traitstones in PVP now. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to get a Runic Earth playing against Whitehelm

On our end it looked more like the fix made it so that opponents from other kingdoms now also give minor wind traitstones :wink:


I’m actually have my yellow (minor and major and runic) in 4th place for number gotten for each color.

Seemed it only occurs on my Android cellphone, when I use a PC, I finally got my last 7p… that’s enough for this week, I think…

Speaking of which ’ Whitehelm + 2 Runic Earth Traitstones…’ – just finished getting.

@eika … Not sure why you are questioning this … yes I’ve lost 100 invades but I’ve still won 888 - so 75% success - i play for speed not sucess rate, so lots of games and, yes, a fair no of losses

I hope that these last few events they did on PC get skipped on the cousole bc they sound like a pain in the butt.:smile: