2 problems after 108 update on xbox one

Hi, here is 2 annoying issues I have:

  1. on the screen before the fight where its possible to select another team. When I select another team I sometimes have to wait over 1 minute (!!!) before Im able to use my controller again. I had this prob before update too but at least teams were not pre selected so it was no prob as long as I selected the correct team.

  2. already said it on other thread but whats up with traitstone farming in PvP? I invade pridelands over and over but never get one single red traitstone (sometime blue,brown or nothing…). If I play a challenge in pridelands, everything fine, always got red trait. If each kingdoms would give the correct traitstone color in PVP invasions, that would make the farming for traitstones much more enjoyable!

  1. I get this on PS4 as well and it’s really annoying!

  2. It seems to me that Invading doesn’t produce the desired Traitstones either. If you absolutely need Red Traitstones, stick to doing Challenges in Pridelands.

Please save us from the forced lag @Nex or @Mr.Strange!

Of course I can do the challenges but I would prefer doing it in pvp because of the trophy.
An intermediate option could be something like this:
kingdoms with 1 color: 50% chance to receive trait of kingdom color and 5x10% chance for the 5 remaining colors.
kingdoms with 2 colors: 2x30% chance to receive trait of 1 of the 2 kingdom color and 4x10% for the 4 remaining colors.
But honestly I would prefer a guaranteed color drop based on kingdom colors (with 50/50 chance on kingdoms with 2 colors obviously) like it is in challenge. Hope the dev will do something for that and of course for this horrible lag (if not possible then at least remove the auto selected team like it was before update).

I think the system for Traitstone farming is fine, it just needs to work properly (in PvP like it does for Challenges) and it’ll be fine.

Do you just keep retrying opponents until you get Pridelands every time? Trust me, it’s much quicker and saves on Gold just to do a Challenge.

by saying invading - do you mean that pridelands is your home team and you are doing pvp? if so, this is the problem. You need to be attacking people with pridelands as THEIR homeland.

Yes, thats what I was doing (5 or 6 times with not a single red trait) so now I dont do it anymore and look only for gold. But there are others kingdoms that have red as 1 of the 2 color. I mean we would find relatively fast a kingdom of the desired color. It would also give to the player another reason to choose a match than the amount of gold. For these reasons, I would still appreciate a little fix on this pvp farming.
It seems that PC/mobile users have colors that match the kingdom they invade in pvp (not 100% sure about that though)

Well I also have pridelands as my home kingdom. On the screen where I can change opponents I select one when pridelands is written top screen.

If you are doing that then this seems like a bug of some sort.