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Prices, man?

I was always wondering, dear development team, where do you get the prices for your offers? I do not see any factors that could affect such overpriced items you try to sell in any of your “offering spots” - one Item costs around the complete price of AAA game.

Thus, I was thinking where could the money go?

  1. Support? In your case its worthless, 6 to Infinity days to respond to a simple query, so I could assume you have a single person there to cope with that;

  2. Game development? I highly doubt, the only development goes for your sake, not counting the needs of the players/potential buyers. The team is also could 2 to 3 people as it seems considering the amount of bugs they release from patch to patch;

  3. Social Media? Also highly doubt. Your “communication ninjas” and public availability could be summed up as a zero as this is not the two-way communication.

So, why the prices are that high? Maybe you should pacify the greed a bit? Because I do not see any reason for the people to pay you a dime.

P.S. For those who want to start with “I’m playing GoW for thousand years without paying a dime…” - this s not your topic, don’t bother even writing here as you are in no position to express your opinion in here. No offence, but everyone know that it is “Free to Pay” game, keep you thoughts by yourselves.


Random numbers picked out of the air or “how much do we think a desperate/ gullible player will pay for this?”

Either that, or they hope people will be suckered by a phony “discount”, eg Typhoon of keys has a “value” of £230, but is “discounted” to £91.99.

I doubt many players would consider even the discounted value to be worthwhile unless they had money to burn…


91.99 is 2 AAA games! =)

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Prices for shop items in freemium games are usually set by the publisher, region, and maybe the gaming platform depending on who it is. Developers usually have little to no control over this.

In other words, the developers are Dilbert, and the people setting the prices are the Pointy Haired Boss in this scenario.


Please rephrase:

This part.

And still it does not matter which currency the player uses, the prices are way too high, and I doubt that it is a Sony’s fault

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The lack of knowledge was highlighted in the first post, “I always wonder”, and you’d better apologize for your words. I was asking for clarification.

You might feel untouchable by doing beta test or what? How dare you abusing people like that? Knowing the “rules” of this garbage forum I can foresee that you’ll get no punishment for that. Let it be. But leave this thread.

And still the question remains: where are the prices coming from?

I don’t feel untouchable. I don’t apologize for anything. Your reaction and the dm you sent me (which has been reported, btw) prove the accuracy of my assessment. Every time you respond as you did above you dig yourself a deeper hole. Keep going. I’ll be glad to shovel in the dirt behind you.


I think you do feel untouchable. And what’s wrong in the above reply I’ve sent?

Done here. Belligerence is a character flaw. No need to engage further. But thanks again for the entertainment. :rofl:


If you can’t afford the game, don’t play it. Problem solved. Or just be F2P like a lot of my friends. Oh, I’m forgetting you don’t have friends


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Really?! Hmm I’m VIP 14 so does my opinion matter now?

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And by the way, you do know that this is a public forum right? Anyone can post anything they want, as long as it doesn’t break any rules. You don’t run this place

VIP 17. When you’ll get there - we’ll speak

Call me when you get there. Oh, never mind, your opinion still won’t matter.


Nobody asked what VIP level you are. Showing off?

No. Your snotty answer to @TheWinzor deserved an equally snotty reply. If his response doesn’t matter because his VIP level is lower than yours, then your comments matter even less.

You started The VIP Challenge. Too bad you weren’t in a position to win it. :rofl:


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