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Increased prices

Guys, why the hell have u upped your prices???, as it was your prices were ridiculous, i could and did many times buy AAA full games for the same price or even less than the price of one of your bundles. ffs this is absolutely shocking, there is next to no real value for your bundles. As it is ive spent a lot and am almost VIP 6, and i would always cringe at spending the amounts u guys were asking for crap, i was now going to buy 2 bundles to get my VIP 6 but with these price hikes, u can forget about it, just not worth it really. U screwing people over, many players complaining about this and out right laughing at your crazy prices, u going to lose a lot of valuable players and purchases by ripping people off. Shame on u, no more of my money will u get.


What items went up in price specifically?

Thought you quit two years ago?


They didn’t change the prices. What happened is you haven’t bought anything in a while and you forgot how stupid the prices are.


They raised the Euro-Prices for gems last weekend, of course during the sale!

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I didn’t see any increase in price in the US. Maybe other forces contributed to this ?

F2P games have a predatory relationship with their customer face. It’s always been one of the oddities of these sorts of games.

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We :us: rarely do, as most things are equivalent priced in US dollars. Other countries when their currency falls against the :us: dollar, prices get raised. Of course the opposite is rarely true.
Countries that use a Value Added Tax usually already have that tax added into the price, and a VAT can be around 20% - 25%.

Canadians got a 30% price increase across the board. It happened about 2 months ago or so.

Id say UK is spot on here, and the change in price is less to do with GoW and more to do with currency exchange.

@UKresistance is correct. When changes like this occur in the store there is a 95% chance it is because of currency exchange. We don’t have any control over this. :frowning:


Inflation can cause inflammation.

One can assume that all 505 Game prices were increased then. Which is weird since it’s an Italy based company. So the Euro is exchanged for the Euro?
Perhaps the country of the OP doesn’t use the Euro?

I believe years ago I figured out that Americans pay more for the money items in the shops than our European counter parts. So perhaps they balanced it out.

I absolutely LOVE digital tariffs. :roll_eyes: