Power Orb sent to 2nd place if 1st place gets banned

There have been as least 2 players who have received power orbs and later had their account banned. Due to the timing of events. It’s almost impossible for the devs to ban a player before the event ends. If a player can prove that they finished second only to a banned account. The player who plays the right way should receive a power orb.
Come on devs. This should be a no brainer.
I can promise you this mentality of… “Sorry you were screwed over, but we’re not gonna compensate you for it.”… Will only cause you to lose money.
You don’t need to talk about players being banned. Just reply to the ticket saying “Hey it looks like you should’ve received a power orb while we were on Christmas break. Congratulations! Attached you’ll find a power orb.”


This is pretty fair and I stand behind it. I also have a different suggestion that might be controversial:

In the last game I played, players got weekly event rewards on the Friday after the event ended. That gave the devs time to investigate for cheaters, and most weeks several were found. This way, cheaters weren’t able to “steal” rewards and they didn’t have to worry about taking back things that’d already been spent, etc.

If things stay as-is, there’s subtle encouragement to repeatedly cheat, because even if you get caught and banned you get to screw someone out of a reward.


Yeah, it’s hard to fight cheaters. If GoW’s managers do not provide timely support, players will surely lose out.

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They were using a trainer?

Oh yeah like the time I was screwed out of 3000 gems!! I apparently bought event keys (which I didn’t) to be then told oh sorry your game must have crashed when you were opening your gem keys, we can’t refund you but we can give you a break down of what you recieved. Which by the way I never got either. I was nearly so close to deleting the bloody game… the only thing stopping me was great support from my guild and the fact I have spent shed loads on this game already. I don’t think their mentality to cheaters will ever change and I stand by my opinion that if you are high enough VIP they won’t touch someone… shame really as I do love playing this game it just makes it less fun when people cheat :pensive:


The current policy of not awarding second place if first place is banned. Causes me to fear going for #1. It seems to be too easy to cheat in GoW on PC. So there’s always a risk that a cheater will beat you in the event. They might get banned afterwards but by then it will be too late.
This exact scenario happened to @YICARLIYA. I can’t go into details without violating policies. But I truly feel sorry for him in the matter. To spend so much time and so many gems over a 3 day event. Just to be beat by someone who cheats at the game before the devs can ban that account. Makes me sick to my stomach for him. The devs response was officially (paraphrasing here) that sucks but we CHOOSE not to make it right with you. Despite it being clear to everyone involved that you would of gotten the Power Gem instead.


Remove the screenshot, callouts are not allowed. Open a support ticket or send the ss to the devs via PM

I’m sorry, but the hyper-aggressive “no callouts” policy still comes off as “we want to make it as hard as possible for top-end players to list why they believe cheating has occurred.”

I mean technically there were only 5 people in the top five, so even saying the name of the event is enough to cast a shadow on those upstanding individuals. And since we know it’s about 2nd and 1st place, and there was only 1 1st place…

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