Guildmate got banned mistakenly?

Yesterday my guildmate got banned around 4 hours after the weekly reset, and my guild (SCP Foundation) received an 80k trophy penalty. She submitted a ticket to appeal her ban, then the ban was lifted after only a few hours, which I have never seen or heard of before. As we all know, appealing a ban has the lowest priority among all submitted tickets (From my experience, the response normally took 1 month or even longer).

For more information, she is a very active player who got more than 10k trophies weekly (several months in a row). I believe that it would have been a permanent ban and she would never be unbanned for sure if she cheated (no one-time courtesy for those who cheat to gain an enormous unfair advantage).

I also like to post the reply from @Jeto where “cheating” is not mentioned at all (which I saw every time in previous responses). This made me not understand what “unfair advantage” means.

To summarize, I think the ban is abnormal and I highly suspect she was banned mistakenly. Given that the devs manually review accounts before banning, I’m looking forward to explanations from the devs


Might want to delete the image and read through the guidlines to avoid getting yourself in trouble.


Thanks for the reminder. While I used that image since I wanted to use it as ‘proof’, trying to know why ‘cheating’ was missed. It is common sense that most time the devs copy and paste rather than really type to reply to tickets. Plus upon reading one more time, I don’t think in that image any words could harm anybody.

I don’t disagree that there is nothing really sensitive in that message it is just their policy not to repost PMs or support tickets it is your call.


This may be trainers or any other unallowed software/programs that speed up the matches or gives the players advantages.

@Shuya_Qin I can understand the frustration, but these GoW detection anticheat tools is pretty accurate. I say this because if it werent accurate there would most likely had come people to these boards daily, complaining about mistakenly getting banned etc.

This do only happens a handful of times every year and more often than not the players looks suspicious just by their talk and venting in those threads. It is so easy to try to get a 2nd chance by acting innocent, none wants to admit they have cheated especially not in front of their friends.

Also the Devs has so much trust in their anti cheat detection tools that those that has gotten banned may have to wait for weeks, even months to hear back from the Devs.


Is there a clear description of this line? Does ‘Game Genie Macro’ fall within this category? (It came installed in my new phone, and wouldn’t mind testing it during fast explore if it saves me ‘clicks’, even if it doesn’t save me time)
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I usually try to stay out of threads like this, but honestly if this was going to be made public your guildmate should have been the one to do it. Guilty or not, most people would rather communicate with the party directly to make sure they would want even a small amount of their information made public. Unless you are a parent or guardian to a minor you really should not be involved in a public forum over a private matter.


@Jeto Please explain what “unfair advantage” mean. The only thing I can think of now is unfair treatment. Some Chinese use a different brand of gadget, made in China, which could potentially has an accessory for gaming. Since it is not a common gadget for people to buy then is that considered “unfair advantage”?

Please clarify so everyone knows what “unfair advantage mean”.


Automation using hardware, automation using software, modifying the game’s code, exploiting weaknesses in the game’s code to alter outcomes, sharing account details*

*Use common sense (family is fine, having people around the globe play on your account 24/7 has predictable results).


I don’t think you get my points. I know there are many software that will be recognized as ‘cheating’ by the devs. I know how accurate the anti-cheat system is as described by the devs. I know how some people pretended to be innocent after being banned for cheating. However, all of these couldn’t explain the abnormalities in the ban. To make myself clear:

  1. Why my guildmate got unbanned right after appealing her ban, with the ticket classification taking the lowest priority (and it normally taking months to respond)? I have never seen this before, but I might be wrong, so please just provide another case if anyone knows
  2. How come her ban was not permanent if she gained such a huge unfair advantage (10K+ trophies weekly) by cheating? This is obviously inconsistent with previous cases
  3. ‘Cheating’ is not mentioned in the response, so I need an explanation for that ‘unfair advantage’. It would be nice if the devs could provide a list of ‘unfair advantages’.

Explaining the details of anti-cheat software and measures in place gives people ideas on methods of how to circumvent them which is why there is usually obscurity whenever companies talk about them.


Like to correct one thing here. I once asked the devs almost the same question (account sharing with people in different time zones and collecting tributes 24 hours a day) and I got an explicit answer: this would not be considered cheating. So I don’t think playing 24/7 would be considered cheating either as long as all the operations are legal, but I have never tried the latter.

We do see 1-3 players per year get suspended / banned for ‘‘account sharing’’ in our alliance of 4 guilds.

Hmmm I don’t know then. I’m not sure if it hurts if I post the devs’ response here :sweat_smile:

Pretty much this.

The more the community knows, the better.

It may or may not hurt to do so it is always at their discretion as to what measures if any they take when community guidelines are broken. Just know my warning you of such is only meant to help avoid you getting yourself in trouble in an attempt to help your friend and it is a clear violation of the community guidelines as posted above the part about posting PMs.

The consequences could be as little as nothing to as much as a permanent ban and only the devs will know what if any action they take so if you feel the risk is worth the reward that is always your call as an individual to make.

For the curious, the article considers these hacking/cheating:

  • Speed or acceleration software
  • Editing game files
  • Bot trainers, automatic bots
  • Macros, scripts
  • Keyboard or mouse hot keys
  • Custom controller mappings for special controller buttons outside of the standard controller button functions
  • Plus any other modification to the game or gameplay that is not available as part of the default game

( )

For what it’s worth, I agree with their decision to suspend / ban the account in question. But I think this is getting close to ‘call out’ territory now.


I have deleted a post where a support ticket was shared showing a player’s private details.

As per community guidelines, do not share tickets from support agents here please.

I encourage you to contact support directly and privately if you wish to discuss a ban, but more importantly, if the BANNED player has questions I encourage them to contact support directly to have their questions answered and then if you have questions, you can ask that player directly and they can share what they want about the situation.

IP2 staff will never discuss the contents of a ticket with another user because we value all our players’ privacy highly.

I will leave this topic open as long as no more private conversations or private details are shared here. If they are shared again I will have to lock this post as sharing private information is very serious.

In regards to the topic of players having accounts banned and unbanned etc.:

  • Account bans are only performed on accounts where cheating has occured.

  • Account sharing is not cheating, although we do not encourage hot seating. If you believe you’ve been banned for account sharing, most likely one of the people sharing the account was actually cheating, and it has nothing to do with the account sharing itself.

  • An account may be unbanned in the case, the player has never cheated before, the cheating wasn’t severe and the team member reviewing the case believes there is sufficient reasons the player has learned their lesson and will not cheat again. These reasons rarely have anything to do with anything the appealing player says to us, you can’t sweet talk your way out of a ban.

  • Most accounts that are banned for cheating are not unbanned - ever.

  • If an account was banned for cheating once, unbanned and then cheats again - they will be permanently banned.

  • There is no compensation to players or Guilds for bans, unless the Guild Leader reported their own member for cheating before a ban and we saw the report after the ban was made already (but if the player was reported after the ban was made, still no compensation).

  • We have auto hack detection in addition to every ban going past at least 2 staff members, as well as strict banning guidelines AND if there is any doubt as to whether someone is cheating or not - we don’t ban, to avoid any issues.

Hopefully this helps clear some things up.


As others have mentioned, GoW anticheat has almost never been wrong in my experience on the forums. I can’t remember a case where it was (though there may have been).