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Post 5.3 update, game crashes on the Xbox [INVESTIGATING]

This started happening to me today. Trying to begin new Delve, but it crashes to the Xbox home screen every time I try to set my team

Another new crash location. During tribute collection as the kingdom report was scrolling. I usually skip the report detail, but my phone rang, so it was scrolling and crash.

I made a post about this continuing issue.

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I went to the support page, but there are far too many choices for my simple mind to comprehend.

As far as I can tell, the problem is when my wifi disconnects, even for a little bit of time. In the past, Gems would just let me click Retry when the connection fails, but since the last update, the game kicks me out. Not a problem if I’m collecting mails, but if it is a GW or Delve battle, it is more than frustrating.


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FWIW, the game crashes both of my xbox one consoles, which are both using wired connections.

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I am only adding additional crash information to this thread. As such, it has been a while since I posted here. Rest assured the crashes are still happening multiple times a day.

If you haven’t sent in a ticket yet, please do so @mfeforever.

Almost three days ago. Sort of my point in asking about expected response time, in the other thread!

New crash data to report. Having received notification of a guild member triggered oet event, I started the game. On the initially displayed pet event banner, I selected rescue. Upon selecting the first battle, the game crashed, These steps were repeated three additional times with the similar results. On the fifth time starting the game, I selected dismiss on the initial pet event banner and immeduately entered the pet event through the menu. I was able to complete the event, collect the event rewards and exit the game without firther issue,