Possible non-recording of PVP points for Defense Win

I noticed an odd entry in my battle log this evening and I’m not sure if this is a bug, or something else:

As you can see the battle log lists no PVP points for a defense win I had. While this could just be visual, I checked the players profile out and:

It says they were last seen 9 hours ago in Khetar (my home is Whitehelm at the moment for reference), despite the fact they apparently fought me just 48 minutes prior.

I double checked, if you enter a battle and then retreat, your profile still updates your last seen location. So this isn’t as simple as just someone retreated from the battle I don’t think.
So I’m not sure if PVP points were changed and this is just a visual glitch, or if they didn’t for some reason and this is a larger bug.

If the name is likely to be useful to the devs I can provide it, but hid the name in the above shots for safety sake.

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Got similar experience

Hi Guys,

We’re going to have a look into this.

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