PvP wins logged as loses

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I was doing PvP matches and my last 5 battles logged as loses even though I won that battles. It counted as win, but it shown on battle log as loses (also counted as loses on stats). It usually involved connection timed out error during loading screen into the battle. Though my internet connection is fine. I was wondering if anyone else got same problem? Is server acting up again?
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Tried to PvP again, 4 more time.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!


Thats what you get for attacking Mean Machine members.


I had the same problem and gets another issue :

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I’m having the same issues. The servers are slow and/or timing out, which is screwing up my record.

Aren’t the new servers just great. :slight_smile:

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Something new doesnt have to be good or better :stuck_out_tongue:

Most likely, battles are immediately logged as losses upon initiation, and changed to victory when the client notifies the server that you’ve won. This is a simple solution to handling battles that may take an indeterminate amount of time to complete (player walks away from the game for several hours) or will never complete (game crashed, or player force-quit the application) that doesn’t require maintaining any extra state information on the server.

However, it would probably be better to have an “in progress” state for the current battle, and resolve it to victory or defeat as appropriate upon receiving the appropriate message from the client, and additionally resolve it as a defeat when beginning a new battle to handle the cases where the battle will never complete.

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I played and won 3 pvp-matches 30-60 minutes ago:

  • First match: got double pvp-points (120+), match was not registered in Battle Log.
  • Second match: got double pvp-points (120+), but match registered in Battle log with only 62.
  • Third match: got correct pvp-points (43), and was registered correct also.

Common for all 3 matches, was that the server timed out once between the game ended, and points given.

EDIT: I guess this info was not exactly relevant to the thread title, and I now also found it in another thread. Sorry.

same here. during the lagging game loading, the game counter as loss, after 1min loading screen, i kill him and loot, after a 2nd long long loading screen with several errors, the log counts another loss from this battle.

No amount of additional hardware is going to fix the fundamental problems with their software. They game will continue to experience problems as the number of players increases, and allocating additional processing resources will experience a diminishing rate of return on alleviating disruptions in the user experience. Their architecture simply does not scale well enough, and can’t handle the necessary level of concurrent access in a timely fashion.


I had two such losses in the end of the last event. It is true torture to get those losses…

Tried to PvP again and apparently still got same error.

So… is the server stable/normal yet @Sirrian?

Yep i’m getting the server timeout error back to back in pvp as well currently.

Yup, I’m getting losses instead of wins. Happened just now for the first time.

I definitely have a loss where I should have a win. I know because I’ve only played a few so far and I know I didn’t lose any. Leaving server alone until it stops bsing me.