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Is this supposed to happen? (not enough pvp points given)

Had 3 fights that had opponents showing a 30+ reward and each time on a win paid 19 and low 20’s.

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I had the same. One was 39 and I was happy. Highest one I’d seen yet. Won the battle and got 23. Next one was 34 - got 18.

So that battle took a lot longer than I expected… here are my screenshots of the same issue:

(Note I fought the middle option of the three)

In short the battle should have awarded 24 points, but only awarded 16.

I had the same thing happen. I fought an opponent that said it would be 35, but only ended up giving me 19.

gonna change this to bug.

This has happened to me multiple times as well. I have screenshots, but not much point in adding another set.

Same here… I got only 10 or 12 when it shows 32 reward points

Just fixed that… my fault!
I was working in an unfamiliar part of the server code, changing the points calculation, and I changed the DISPLAY code, but not the REWARD code… needed to do both!


Thanks! Good job! Get some sleep!

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