Not receiving correct rewards for PVP Tier

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I made it to Rank 1 and I received Rank 14 rewards.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

I experienced the exact opposite this morning. My rank was 12 and I received the rewards for rank 3. No screenshots unfortunately.

Yeah i got scammed exact the same way…

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Since now the old Rank is called Tier (And now Rank is the designation for the leaderboard) i took the liberty to change your title a little.
I’m on the same boat:

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Thanks 10chars

We are aware of wrong tier rewards being given with the daily login bonus. We’re investigating it now.


Thank you.

This also happened to me, I am Tier 1 and got a Tier 14 glory reward this morning; I’m assuming it’s a common thing.

What is interesting is that my phone alt hero, who hasn’t played any PvP on 2.0 yet, logged in and was declared to be Tier 0 and was given 17 glory! :slight_smile:

Yea, the system is really wonky right now.

Side Note: Also, you must be really tired of seeing me in your battle log :grin:

The battle log is just as wonky. I’m not worried about it, the devs have their hands full with higher priority issues right now, but…

I appear to have defended 2x-3x more than anyone else in the game. Way more than anyone else I’ve seen on the leaderboard. It stopped counting my defense wins at 100, in reality I’ve been paid glory for a lot more than that. It also isn’t showing me who I’m losing to in the log, since they’ve suspended losing any points for losses for the time being. I just see the stat counter go up. If it matters, my guys have whupped you pretty good. :slight_smile:

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Just logged in. I am Tier 5 but received Tier 7 awards. Just so you know the problem persists.

Thanks for the update

No problem! :wink:

@Nimhain, it seems we still have a bug with the tier rewards. After reaching a new tier we don’t get to claim the rewards. I have some pics before a new battle that would raise my tier and my ammount of gold, and some pics after the battle with only the gold i’ve won from the battle, but no keys or extra gold from the tier.
(Forgot to check/register my glory and souls, but i’m almost sure i’m missing all the tier rewards.)

As show in the pic, i’ve had 10.247 of gold before facing Sypruz, defeating him gave me a total of 3.760 of gold leaving me with a total of 14.007. (Also as further proof i had 1.181 points before facing him and since he was worth +50 points i’ve ended with 1.231, also from 105 attacks to 106.)
So, in the end i didn’t obtained the extra gold and key (and probably souls or glory too.) from the new tier.

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That happened to me as well.
I fought a guy worth 4 glory and right after the battle I should move on to tier 10 which awards 5 glory. After that I checked the home screen(with the resouces) and only 4 glory added.
And the tier rewards doesn’t blink when you “tier” up to collect your rewards, but only blinks when someone attacked you to collect only that reward.

didn’t get any tier rewards while progressing either.

before I even played the first game this event, i did get some reward from the tier reward button. Didn’t pay close attention to what it said or the numbers, i thought it was just a defense win when I clicked, but it was way more.
After that no rewards on the way to tier 1.

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Hey Guys,

We’re looking into Tier Rewards not being given out.

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Working fine for us here, so it’s not 100% reproducible, we’ll continue looking into it tomorrow.

I’m not getting tier rewards either when I level up, but it is because it gave them to me in one big shot at the first login of the new event.

I logged in, 20 minutes into the start, and there was a defense reward waiting. When I accepted it, it listed me as Tier 1, and it gave me the entire Tier rewards in the background.

After the first PVP match, I reverted to Tier 15, and it has been leveling/displaying tier correctly since, but no rewards.


yeah i’m sure this is what happened to me too.

Maybe this is helpful for the devs: I played through the transition on my phone, and got stuck on a black screen at the end of the battle (after the event screens). I think that is a known bug? read that it can happen somewhere here the other day.

quit the app on the phone, booted my pc up and then collected the tier rewards some time later there (before even doing one match).