Monday Morning weirdness with PVP and Win/Loss Screen

Anyone else have this happening?

So every Monday morning for the last 6 weeks I log in and the PVP is blinking. (been tracking for another issue)

Go to PVP and the WIN/LOSS screen presents a

0 of 0 Wins

YET I go to my Battle Log and there will be at least 1 if not more in the last hour that I have either won or lost by the Defense team.

I clearly do not get the glory/gold for these.

Anyone else notice this?

My goal next Sunday night after change over is to capture the battle log image before I go to bed, then capture the 0 of 0 image and then recapture the changed log and file a bug report.


You don’t get defense battles to register until you do your first pvp match, I noticed this a while ago, so right after reset do a match, win or lose, it will reset the defense counter for the week, try it out, see if I’m right.

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Did not get any notice for the one that was an hour ago.

Ok, that sounds like a bug then.

And I just got a notice but it only has the correct count based off the battle log since I started playing just now. The ones before - still 0.

I believe it’s that 0 of 0 but it doesn’t know how to count it - and I have a hunch I know both sides of the steps to reproduce it.