Possible memory leak?

There were a couple of reports today that the recent iOS update was causing severe performance issues and crashes on iPad 2.

I didn’t think anything of it because I ditched my iPad 2 before 2.0 came out because of the lag and crashes.

However, I’m now playing on a brand new iPad Pro which is the most powerful iOS device on the market and I’m seeing the issue again.

After playing all of the Leonis Empire challenges but the last 5 I started to get degraded performance. I restarted and played 16 treasure maps. By the 16th map the game is crawling and some of the animations are actually skipping like jitter.

Thanks for reporting this. Were you just playing through challenges during this time? It could be possible that we have a leak there.

It occurred towards the end of the Leonis challenges but wasn’t particular severe. After 16 treasure maps, though, it was unplayable.

If I’m having issues on the iPad Pro there’s some older devices out there that are probably really hurting.

Ah sorry, misread your first post. So playing the treasure hunt game 16 times in a row caused it to struggle? That suggests we have a leak in the treasure hunt game.


It happened after like 20 challenges but it happened far worse after 15 or so maps.

I’m playing on iPad air and have the same problem. After playing 15-20 games in pvp or explore have the same problem and have to restart. I don’t know about chalanges, arena and maps because I didn’t play that much in a row. Thanks

Same on my PC and Mobile. After 2x explore, the game is lag.

Can’t comment on treasure map or arena

but +1 to lag after few games explorer and challenge mode (easily noticeable on mobile - Android 5.1.1 Samsung J2)

And didn’t notice it during this week’s quest with the new kingdom.

PVP is ok for me

I have the same issue and I only play on PC. I’ve been exclusively playing Explore mode since the update, and it starts lagging after a few fights. Restarting the game makes it all work fine again, but it is a bit annoying. @LegendMaker doesn’t have this issue though, but he doesn’t play Exploration, so it might be linked.

This happened to me as well. Was playing explore & treasure map. Restarting the game fixed it.