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Does anybody else play on an iPad 2?

I’m having lots of issues. The main one is that I crash back to the “desktop” after each PvP battle. I can do 4 or 5 Explorations before a crash, and can similarly get through most of a Challenge before a crash, but PvP is a drag.

Support tells me this can not be fixed. Just thought I’d see if anybody can confirm that.

I had the same problem with my older iPad. It worked decently with other modes of the game, but it crashed after every single PVP match. I just stopped playing it on that one. It works fine on my 4th generation iPad though.

I had to finally abandon my iPad 2 around the 1.0.9 release. The iPad 2 just doesn’t have enough horsepower.

sounds like a memory issue.

crash confirmed, i have abandoned the ipad2 after one day. It’s iphone5c here which tends to go really slow after a while and on those happy occasions sometimes the home computer where everything then seems to go lightning fast.

I play on iPad 2 (4.5 years old) but no problem. Only issue is that after 2.0 update, it’s get very slow.
Especially activate the global chat will make it so slow and bumpy.

You’re lucky. I have a 4-year old iPad 2 and have the same issues as other people - the game slows to a crawl and eventually crashes after a few battles.

The game was never super fast for me, but then I have never had the best internet. I attributed the issue to that. But I saw a steady decline in performance and, after the 2.0 update, I now crash after every PvP battle.

I’m at the point where I need a better device if I want to keep playing seriously. That’s really the only reason I need to upgrade. My iPad 2 does everything else I need it to.

It’s a little frustrating that I can no longer play a game I’ve put money into and enjoyed, solely because I have been forced to update beyond the abilities of my platform. I’ve come to realize that that is one of the disadvantages of the new on-line games.


This newest patch seems to have solved some of the issues. I can now usually get in at least 3 PvP battles before a crash, and sometimes more. That may still sound bad, but it sure makes me happy.

Thanks, guys!

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are you using the iPad 2 air or old iPad 2 which is 4.5 years old ?

Do you have global chat disabled?

With my 2011 iPad 2, disabling chat didn’t help. It still crashed after a few matches.

I’m using the old ipad 2, not the air. The one with the the big wide power cord.

I think so. I couldn’t find an “enable/disable” toggle, but when I selected the talk balloons, I was asked if I wanted to connect to global chat. I did, and then fiddled with it for a bit. I guess I had it set so I would not receive chat messages.

Believe me, mine still crashes. But it used to be after EVERY match. Three matches between crashes means I have to reload the game only 1/3 of the time I am used to, and it loads slowwww. (Actually, the new patch seems to have sped up the loading time as well.)

Anyway, my ipad has shown its age more and more with each update, and this is the first update that has yielded any kind of performance improvement. I feel like I just got a free ipad 3.

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My son’s ipad 2 had the same issue. We ended up uninstalling it as the constant crashing was too frustrating for him.