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Game not stable on IOS

After last update (more than week ago) game crash very often - it happens randomly, when playing pvp, checking stats (pvp), pvp screen. Game is totally unstable - on 8 pvp match I got crash 5 times. I am using Ipad Air 8.3 IOS. Android version works good and dont have such problem.

With the v2.0 update on iOS, likewise I have found the game to be significantly less stable. Random crashes from PvP either to the World Map or, worse, entirely out of the game. This did not happen for me in v1.09 or previous on the iPad Mini 3.

After reinstalling the June 2nd upgrade for the game, many of graphic issues I was seeing disappeared. It is still occasionally crashing from PvP or while transitioning between game menus.

@szefo Gems is meant to be run using the latest iOS update 9.3.2 released back in May. It will probably be near unplayable without the iOS update on your iPad Air? After upgrading you may also find it worthwhile to reinstall GoW on your device and then retrieve your account from device password, see if that helps.

I play the bulk of my games on ios, but the only time I ever get crashes is when scrolling through the troop selection screen, but that isn’t even a daily occurence, so I’ve never complained about it.

First step would be to update to iOS 9.3.2 and see if the issue continues.

I’d also suggest going into SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT and make sure your AVAILABLE space is above 1GB. Because of the large amount of high res art in Gems of War, it really helps stability to have some space here.


@Sirrian @Nimhain
Thanks for the space suggestion. The available space on my iPad is a minimum of 3.5 GB (out of 16 GB).

However, tonight in my PvP run, I started lagging quite abysmally. The screen refresh became very choppy. This happens after staying in PvP mode doing one battle after another. It appears if I drop down to the World Map, I started getting hit with 1 or 2 Defense battles non-stop. If I stayed in PvP mode there appeared to be far fewer attacks/ Defense losses.

I’m wondering if I should just start quitting the game after every couple Tiers, just to reset the lag issue. Previously the hard crashes were doing that for me, haha.

Global Chat is something I preferentially disconnect during gameplay in case that is causing latency issues.

I made it to Tier 1 with a win streak of 86 battles (yay!) but now I’ve stopped getting Tributes? It’s now intermittent rather than regular. At least two of my hourly tributes never showed up when I went back and stayed on the World Map.

The yellow exclamation point on the in-game mail takes about 15-20 minutes to show up once a Guild Task is completed. (Though I don’t know whether that’s considered a normal delay).

If the mailbox is lagging, am truly hoping it isn’t also adversely affecting my chest unboxing… Please, not now. Not while Famine and The Maw are in the weekly chests!

I’m afraid the chests are definitely lagging, too. The troop card pops out of the chest in a sort of jerky stop-action animation, starting with a card image that is smaller than the chest itself, which then grows choppily to a larger and larger graphic filling the screen. Keys were opening slowly enough that I could take screenshots.

Troop card at full size for comparison:

Update fix problem. thanks