iPad mini multiple crashes

If I didn’t love this game so much and I hadn’t already invested real money in it I would uninstall it for ever :cry:

I have an iPad mini with the latest OS which is 9.3.2 and I have 7.7GB of free space.

I have uninstalled the game so many times I have lost count.
I have reset my iPad so many times I have lost count.
I have re-installed the game but chosen NOT to use the iCloud saved game and gone through the intro and linked my hero from your servers.

It crashes when opening chests, when fighting in PVP, Arena and tasks. I have tried it on “slow speed” from the settings and still it’s no different. (Not sure why I thought that would work - but hey - a gal gets desperate sometimes)

It’s so frustrating and it takes ages to reload (hate the spinning graphic even more than that pesky wheel on my Mac)

I’ve been in touch with support before and followed all instructions to no avail. Pleeeeeeeease peoples … help

Oh … and a massive P.S.
Game crashed in Arena just now and I was just about to kill the last member of the opposite team. It has now logged me as “game lost” I had a full rank - I didn’t lose. So this needs attention please

Hi Arantha,

A couple of questions for you:

  1. What country are you playing from?
  2. Which iPad Mini do you have? 1,2,3 or 4?
    3A. When the game crashes do you see any error messages?
    3B. If not, what does the game do when it crashes? (Does the screen get stuck, does it minimize the game, etc)

I am playing from the UK
It’s a Mini 1
Rarely see an error message, it usually just closes itself and I’m immediately back to my iPad home screen. Occasionally the screen will go blank for a few seconds before the app closes itself.

Since the new update the game seems to really struggle sometimes with long pauses halfway through a 3 gem match for example and a massive pause when one team hits the other.

@Arantha, try opening chat and then immediately leaving via the “Disconnect” button. Chat has always been a problem for me, slowing the game to a crawl and draining my battery like no tomorrow.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I read that you can stop the apps that are running in the background by clicking the start button twice - you can then see what’s running and swipe upwards to stop it. All mine are clear. Still no improvement unfortunately :frowning:

I had the same problem on an ipad2 which should be able to run the application fine. I have found no solution for it unfortunately and diverted to playing it on an iphone5c: terribly slow but without (frequent) crashes.

Leaving the main chat is a good step forwards for your memory though.

Crashing on my IPad as well… not really sure what version it is tbh.
I just know I bought the latest model early last year. Whatever version was around that time.

The latest iPad Mini version early last year was the Mini 3, which is the one I have. The iPad Mini 4 came out in September 2015.

Like you, on my iPad Mini3 I had these weird inexplicable graphic bugs and outright crashes in GoW until I checked and updated my Gems client.

To resolve crash issues, I find that you need to check that BOTH the Gems game itself and the iPad O/S have been patched to the latest versions. On major updates, Gems will force you to update the client; but for lesser patches it may not notify you, so you may not be aware you’re not running the latest.

The Apple O/S will notify you when a new O/S is available but it will not FORCE you to update. You need to authorize the download. Many Apple apps stop working properly if you don’t update regularly.

These are the latest versions for iPad:

Software update iOS version 9.3.3 - released July 18th, 2016 (That’s yesterday! Go and update)

Gems of War, version 2.0.104 for iPad - released July 14th, 2016 (also recent)

*The game still crashes very occasionally for me. It may be partially due to high activity in Global Chat channels, so follow Lyya’s advice and Disconnect if you find yourself in a busy channel. And closing all active apps before launching the game really does help, too.

@Arantha Unfortunately, the original iPad Mini 1 itself may not be able to keep up with the constant changes to the game. The Mini 1 only has 512 MB of DDR2 memory and the screen res is limited to 1024x768. I suspect at some point the game will be playing slowly on that device, even in the best-case scenario. :frowning: But try updating and see if that helps. Good luck!

Thank you :slight_smile: Downloaded the latest update. And yeah, I guess the iPad 1 is a bit old but to be fair, I only use it for the game and my banking now lol. I am loathe to buy a new iPad just so I can play a game :smiley: