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Poor Gobby Rocko, please don't cast him aside

I would like to take a moment to talk to you all, about a little thing called life, and hard it is for some. One day poor lil Gobby Rocko made a decision, that he would turn the tide of an ongoing oppression in his lil kingdom. He accomplished this by doing what no other creature dare attempt, so on one faithful day, Gobby sat himself on top of a rocket, and rode it into the heart of his oppressors.

Gobby is a mercenary of sorts, he has always been kind charging a much too reasonable fee for his services. He got his name out there and proved his worth daily. Things were alright for awhile but times got rough. His expenses went through the roof coupled with cost of living increases, Gobby can barely get by. One day Gobby figured that since he puts in way more then he was paid to that he would simply charge a little more, not much, just a bit more then a 20% increase. After all he still does his job better then anyone else right?

After news of his new fee broke, panic erupted. Endless people scrambled to figure why they should pay a little more for the same service although the service he provides is still a much greater value then he charges. Some people sadly (@Emos) have decided to turn their backs on him, and take all he’s worked so hard to achieve. These people take his very soul, and even some precious stones he’s work all his life to obtain to augment his power for those who should happen to call on him.

I ask of you, do not take such harsh measures against a poor marauder simply trying to make ends meet for his family. He has a huge family, some live in his very kingdom, some a little farther away.

I ask you to please look at all the times he has been there for you when you needed him most:
Every time he blew up a skull to trash a barrier,
Every time his random target hit exactly the right target,
Every time his spread damage disabled a barrier or even kill a troop on its own,
Every time his explosion lined up a perfect 5 of a kind for another surge to turn the tide,
Every time his explosion cascaded in an attack via skulls,
Every time he kills a foe he lit ablaze 3 turns after he damaged them,
Every time he has ever been below a red troop and from his own pocket, donated a red mana to the cause,
Every time he successfully defended your kingdom against invaders

Gobby has always been there for you and times got so rough he had contemplated blowing up the very rocket he rides. Please show Gobby Rocko that he is still appreciated and don’t take from him what he’s worked so hard to earn. Tak him out every now and then and remember the many good times you’ve had with him to truly discover, that he still has it, is worth the cost, and is the one of a kind, indispensable Gobby Rocko

Thank you and have a nice day


Thank you Gobbo Rocko for your sacrifice. Without your refund I couldn’t finish traiting Dimetraxia. Thank you Gobbo Rocko. I have ALWAYS hated you; and in your sacrifice, you finally had a purpose. I thank you and…



Goblin Rocket > Hobgoblin



not sure I have any feelings for the goblins, but nice how you made it into a story :slight_smile:

Cool story bro…
Needs more dragons!

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Considering that dragons were decisively stronger than goblins before the nerf that post is kind of ironic :wink:

If we can get 25 likes on the story’s post then I’ll start a series about the ongoing adventures of Gobby Rocko, the the Trueish story of a little goblin with a big rocket, and an even bigger dream
Complete with dragons and all


Excellent… Lemme just grab my popcorn. I’ll be a minute…

That sounds like an awesome idea!! You should totally do it


Now just need voice actors and animators and we have ourselves a show for kids.


Maybe it will one day be adapted as a bloated, three-part live-action-film for a much more mature audience. In 3D of course.


Follow the LotR formula eh?



17 likes so far… So I’ve begun planning a story path for Gobby and will begin writing once 2 things have passed,
First I’m shooting for the 25th like
Second, I just wanna check with a developer to make sure they are ok with me posting such an event.
I don’t foresee there being any problem as the developers are very reasonable and if enough people want it I’m sure they will at least give me a trial run for the first couple of episodes with the power to pull the plug if I step out of line (which I’ll be very careful not to do)

I’m going to wait for the 25th like before I ask them, I want to be able to show them that at least 25 people would want to see it happen first to grease the wheels, thank you for everyone who has supported me in this endeavor thus far

Have a nice day

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I cannot speak FOR the developers, only with my personal experience.

I ran into the same dilemma when I made the Fantasy Series. Not only did the developers support it, they gave me prizes to give out. I have had nothing but great interactions with the developers, so I encourage you to go to them.

What’s the best way to approach them? Tag them in this post or is there a little more professional way of reaching them

Private messaging?

Private Message one of them if you want to be “more professional”, that’s what I did.

Thanks for the suggestion, on Friday I’ll see how many likes i have and I think even if I don’t hit 25 I may still consider the ones who are intrested I’m wrapped full of ideas right now and it would be ashame to cast it aside
Thanks for your support


The Adventures of Gobby Rocko… sounds great so far… I would very like to see a continuation… I am Like Nr. 20… So lets hope for the last 5 Likes…!!

20 is a huge amount of these forums. Close enough I say!