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Needed: One VERY lazy GoW player

For science, I need a volunteer of any level. Preferably someone with nothing to lose. A newer player might be better for this, but I would like to see two things that require the use of a metaphorical sacrificial lamb.

What this volunteer must do is simple. Either 1) Do not PvP at all during the next event, and set the weakest defense team (one troop) that they can manage, 2) Actively lose PvP until they get as low as they can. Zero is ideal, or 3, win ONE PvP battle all week.

At the end of the PvP week (probably next week), I would like any player who does this to screenshot their ranking on the PvP ladder and current PvP point amount. This will showcase 1) How low the ranking system can go. Does it go negative? and 2) exactly how many players are on PC/Mobile at present.

Ideally, I would have one person purposely lose all of their PvP matches and one get like one win to weed out everyone who didn’t do PvP.

Can I get some enthusiastic lazy people in here to do some research for science and the good of the community? As for why I won’t, myself? I have requirements to make for my guild, and a lot of PvP to do myself, already. I can’t afford to go negative in PvP ranking, and making a new account to do so would require me to do so much PvP to lose all of my ranking that it would likely impede my meeting of those requirements.


LMAO… awesome. I am curious about this as well.

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I volunteer, because i am hoping that the glory i get for tributes, guild, chests, maps will get me both troops. This will test to see if i can still get both event troops with the awarded glory.

I respect your diligence to be lazy. Feel free to include the star level of all kingdoms and any guild bonuses you get, and keeping track of your income just based on tributes could be fun as well. I wish you luck.

How lazy can I be? I need some intel before doing this next week, how to instant screenshot?

F12 takes a screenshot in Steam that saves to Steam’s userdata folder.
Default folder is this path for me

I think you probably have to swipe down and click capture screen on mobile. Not quite sure and depends on OS. And just screenshot your ranking on the last day of the event. Or whenever you get to 0. Or both.

Setting a single troop on defence won’t have any effect for a player that doesn’t play pvp. Players only enter the potential opponent pool once they do pvp. (And exit from that pool after a few (3 I assume) defeats, until they do more pvp).

Yes, but if you actively PvP to lower your rating, you will be in the pool, and probably against very weak opponents.

You are right. I just woke up its 7am here and seems like my brain is still sleeping \o/

haha, interesting experiment, do share your results …

Doing that WILL NOT show how many players play the game. It will show how many accounts exist in the game. Having exactly 501 rating would give the best results for the number you are trying to find. It will by no means be fully accurate, but it should be a lot more accurate than having 0 rating.

Also, just deliberately losing rating could find that out in under an hour. You can do it yourself just by quiting 10 1 trophy matches on a Monday.


I think this is worth testing than [quote=“Kurokazna, post:1, topic:13337”]
2) exactly how many players are on PC/Mobile at present.

this. Not sure if players enter the ranking if they do not pvp or if they do then the question goes from when to why. My theory is that a player can hit zero but their ranking does not change from its starting amount or if it does then not more than a few 1000 rank to accommodate players who hit lower pvp points.

It will [I]roughly[/I] show how many accounts are in the game, unless you are certain that you will be ranked at the bottom of the list. If there are other accounts tied for the same rating (and there probably will be), they could very well be ranked below you.

Also an interesting statistic.

Having 0 rating wouldn’t show all accounts either since the devs clean up that list every month or so. I recall them saying a while back that the code even does it every week.

Then it will still show the number of accounts that have not been terminated for inactivity or aren’t counted. Making it more viable for what I was originally thinking.

One way or the other, it’ll be interesting to see.

Next week will be fun. I will be grinding traitstones in explore once my ranking hits bottom. i wonder if i will get a message about my rating if it goes low enough.

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I’m curious, each week I start with a base number of PVP points, usually around 590. Does anyone know how that’s determined? Why isn’t it, say, 550? or 500?

So you get to rank 14 with just 1 win.

Yup, I get that part. But why is it a different number each week? Say 590 this week, then 580 then 575?

Basically any of these will get me to rank 14 with 1 win assuming I take the 3 trophy match.