Green light for Gobby

I have been given permission to write an ongoing series around Gobby, the goblin who would one day ride a rocket. I already have a story path detailed and have begun drafting the first story in the series (which may be a bit slow telling his story Pre-rocket.

If one would like to assist with a minor aspect of this is that I would like to have as much of the story that takes place out side of Zaejin to have elements that connect with the game story as well as it can. Only I cleared out all the stories long ago and don’t remember the dialogue. Without this information I will have to result in taking “Creative Liberty” and creating storylines that may vastly differ from the game. Help with this would be appreated and Better the overall story. Thanks for everyone who supports Gobby and his endeavors. The first story will be ready within 6 weeks (sooner if I take the route of telling a biweekly shorts then full-fledged stories) thanks, see you on the other side


Don’t forget to tie in the fact that the rocket is the same as the hero weapon.

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I have good plans for the rocket, (you could probably take a good educated guess where he gets it and who gives it to him)

There will be a lot of Easter eggs via references to nerfs and the like… It will be fun to see if readers can pick up on them all.

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There’s no actual story about goblins, narator and story in zaejin revolves around Brian the Lucky.

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I wanna know why Hobgoblin is the only grey goblin.

Is he a mutant goblin of some kind?

I just so happen to know all of the kingdoms stories and characters associated or met within them. I could even tell you exactly what your Hero fights at certain points in the quests. (Only the updated info. Info on fights before the 1.0.(9?) Quest/Challenge rework are beyond my recollection.)

So if you’ve got any questions, or need a particular piece of dialog, feel free to contact me. Though I’d be just as interested in seeing the creative liberties you’d take.


Must be hard to remember all that complex hero dialogue…

“You’re sure?”
“Let’s go”


Fun Fact: The Hero never actually says, “Whatever…” in any of the campaigns.

My personal favorite bit of Heroic dialogue is, “If you say so.”

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Give it time, eh @Sirrian?

the hero always going with the flow and giving the sky a high five.

You sure? I thought he said it to tau? I’m probably wrong, but for whatever reason, he popped in my head as I read that.

@Zelfore that info would be amazing, the liberties that I take will still be present (Gobby gets to be the hero) but when Gobby assists other kingdom (acting as the hero) I want to make sure that the conflicts within a kingdom are prevelent… I.E. I wanna avoid calling Jarl a Fire God when he is not (someone went out of there way on a thread to let me know

I’m willing to bet the most common Heroic dialogue is “As you wish” - someone’s a Westley fan methinks. :smiley:


Suddenly three voices were heard simultaneously from across the forums. There’s a disturbance in the force.

@irishfury187, I’m certain. But he does say “Okay.” a ton of times to Tau. Still pretty lasse fair.

@actreal, The hero says that phrase 19 times throughout his adventures, he’s better than any ol’ genie.


In Some parts of the story Gobby stumbles upon other kingdoms, before, during, or after their in game storylines, just want to make sure I single out the right villains and such (except for Goblin King who rules Zaejin goblins) Zaejin being under attack hold him in high regard

Then feel free to PM me with any inquiries you have. The end-quest bosses are very easy to pick out, and their stories all pretty simple, so I can actually retrieve those bits of info off pure muscle memory.

I could also retreive all the stories from the code, that will be my next step in the website I’m coding.
However, I may take over 6 week considering my current schedule, I will be quite busy… Game wise ! (New computer incoming <3 )

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It’s pretty central to your story, but I’d consider a different name than Gobby. In Australia at least, and probably the UK, that means something quite different than a diminutive for a Goblin.

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In the Gobby’s tale,will there be any romantic twist? ^^

If you want romance wait for the draft to finish.

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