Gobby's Rockin' Teaser

Hey there, as promised I am here to tease details of Gobby’s upcoming story, the story will be told as an ongoing series with the first four to five entries being his “Origin story” and future entries detailing his life as a Zaejin mercenary. Each entry or “Series” will be between 10 and 20 Microsoft Word pages long. I have horrible ADD which on one hand fuels my creative drive, and o the other makes me unable to write more then two pages max a day. I am currently five pages into the first series (a third of the way through). So here for you right now is the Title, Prologue, and half of the first page of the first series in Gobby’s saga. Hope you enjoy.


#BaDaBoom!!!: A Goblins Tale


There is many a world crammed in this ever expanding universe. Worlds full of creatures of every sort, where might and magic are a governing law. Some of these worlds are quite peaceful and run in perfect order. Some however, are in quite a state of disarray. Krystara, is a moderate sized world in a state of the latter, filled full of fantastic creatures of all shapes and sizes. This world is currently a place full of constant turmoil. It is also the setting of a story that is full of inspiration. The story of a goblin, smaller than most, who decided to step out of the cycle of complacency, and to forge his own path.

The story of Gobby, a goblin from the kingdom of Zaejin, is truly a marvelous one. It’s difficult to pinpoint the best point in his life to begin this tale but I suppose the best place to start a good story is the beginning, and so I shall. Gobby is a nature goblin fresh out of school during the most trying of any times… War. War plagues the kingdom of Zaejin and Gobby has chosen to join an academy to be trained to join his brethren to free his kingdom from these outside oppressor. Smaller than his fellow kin and having very little in common, he is often put at odds with his fellow trainees. It would later be known that it was in this time of struggle, where he would take his first steps on the path to a legacy that would be known throughout Krystara, as Gobby Rocko.

#Series I:

The sound of scurrying feet fill the corridor of the Zaejin Combat Academy, new goblins with aspirations of joining Zaejin’s fabled forces swarm to the common grounds to partake in the day’s training. Many a war has long been fought in the name of protection the kingdom from outside invaders and the heroes that emerged from the wreckage became a thing lore. It was this that every goblin in the kingdom aspired to.

“Fall in line fodder!” A voice exclaims as a figure steps from the crowd. A hush falls over clamoring voices well aware of this drill sergeant’s demeanor. Krill was a no nonsense hobgoblin who aimed to make a point and this point he made just as well as he made clear, he was there to train soldiers, to prepare them for war, when it was time to train you speak only when spoken to and you do as your told.
“Today’s lesion will teach you one of the most aspects of battle. Today we I teach you how to for draw and harness mana in battle.”

“Yes sir!” many of the goblins eagerly exclaim in unison… less one, you see Gobby however, was less then enthused and an all too aware drill sergeant Krill picked up on this notion. He was not pleased.

“Are the way I do things not up to your expectations runt?” he snarled in kind. “I train, no, I create legends of war at this academy. No goblin who has ever passed all of my courses has failed to turn the tide of battle. I would love to know what exactly is so depressing about being trained in the finer arts of war.”

“It’s ju-just that,” Gobby began to stutter, Krill was a very intimidating figure. “It’s just that I joined this academy to learn how to fight a war, yet I’ve yet to have a single class that teaches anything combat related.”

“The skills I teach…” Krill Replied, “Are how to fight and survive. Gobby is puny amongst goblins, how do you expect to get a leg up on an enemy if you cannot wield a decent blade?”

“You have taught us nothing of bla…”

“THAT’S ENOUGH OUT OF YOU RUNT!” Krill snarled, visibly annoyed with Gobby’s insubordination. “You will learn of Blades when you are ready. Speak out of line again and I’ll see you spend every free moment of the remaining month tending to Baratha, as I’m sure you already know, buffing the king’s Black Beast is not a job worth having… The lucky ones can tell you of their endeavors from the infirmary, or perhaps the ones who can no longer tell tales are those who are truly lucky.”

Thanks to @Sirrian, @Nimhain, and the other developers for allowing me to tell Gobby’s tale, and for making an amazing with characters worth telling tales for, and to everyone who has supported me in this effect, liked Gobby’s initial post and I have many more to thank specifically that will be declared in the Dedication and thanks of the first series.

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